[Buying] 150k in Diamonds

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  1. The title says it all...I will be buying for around 46 r or higher
    I will only be buying in Stacks.
    PM, we can make a deal if you have a large amount of diamonds you are thinking about selling.
  2. lol thats alot of diamonds
  3. 3456, Leo has a diamond exchange and always in-stock. No bulk buying though :/
  4. Yea, its going to be for something very special. ;)
  5. Yea but im not going to stand there buying 1 diamond at time, unless there is a bigger quantity.
    I was standing outside your new shop saying your name to see if you had any diamonds to sell, you were right by the door. lol
  6. this is a little over 50 stacks of diamonds at 46r
  7. Probably AFK haha
  8. YOU HAD 150k?
  9. I have 2 stacks that i can sell you :) where could we meet?
  10. Trying to get the diamond king title?