[BUYING] 130+ speed horses

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  1. I'm looking to purchase two horses between 130-139 speed. The only shops I know that sell them have absentee owners. I'm willing to pay a pretty sum of rupees for these horses provided the price is reasonable. Please PM me with an offer or a shop location.
  2. You can check out SkareCboi's res, I don't remember the res number, but he occasionally has a 130 in stock. He sells them for 11k. Also, I heard that sometimes MoeMacZap auctions off 130+ horses, but haven't seen any yet. Happy hunting!
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  3. MoeMacZap has 3 high speed horses for sale on his smp9 res, a 133 speed and 2 132 speed. Because those speeds are so rare, they are very valuable, and priced accordingly.

    You will need to send him a pm on this website to purchase. Good Luck!
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  4. moe has a 139....
  5. Yup and also a 138, don't ask if he's gonna sell because I already tried... Won't budge :p
    Witch is understandable.
  6. oh ik i ask him alot as well
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  7. I have some interesting horses. Give me a speed, and a price, and I will see if I have one you want. :)