(Buying) 11th bday weapons/items

Discussion in 'Buying' started by Raaynn, Aug 14, 2022.

  1. Unfortunately could not make the event. Would be interested in 11th birthday armor and maybe items if anyone has for sale. Would like to add them to the museum.


    UPDATE: final items needed are 11th birthday pickaxe, axe, hoe, and crossbow, if anyone has for sale! Many thanks

    Edit. Please send me a private pm regarding items instead of postíng here, thanks.
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  3. Still seeking any/all
  4. Need armor
  5. Still looking, Leggings and Boots wanted
  6. B,b,b,b,b,Boots ,,,, 'n leggings
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  7. Looking to buy or trade...
  8. do you need the trident?
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  9. Yes, sent you a pm
  10. Aarrrr! More!

  11. Me to Progryck: put your axe in a chest, I'll see if I can sell it to Raaynn for you

    Progryck: sure thing, let me put it in this chest

    breaks sign above chest

    Me: ......did you just use the axe to break that sign?

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  12. Oh my....

    Well, maybe I should still buy it... considering why it got used...
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  13. My son Mushroomclowd has a pair of the Bday leggings he wants to sell for 500k, based off recent sales for the armor items. You can contact either of us and we can arrange the sale. You trying to get the whole set?
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  14. Sent a pm, would love to get them
  15. Sorry Raaynn, somebody saw the post and bought them like 15 minutes later. Probably still a few floating around out there. I hope you get the set!
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  16. Ah, ok....

    Can you have your son send the funds back, per the pm I sent you...

    Edit. So Still looking to buy boots/leggings/weapons......
  17. Bump! Still looking for Boots, leggings, weapons.

    Please send me a private pm regarding items instead of postíng here, thanks.