[Buying] 1000+ Sheep

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  1. I'm buying 1000 or more sheep eggs.
    You name the cost.
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  2. I have a few stacks of Sheep that I rescued from wandering around in smp1 several months ago.. I think someone had a sheep farm whose residence was reset by the server and the sheep were not erased.. Then again this was also before the entc auto-kill.. xD ..Gimme a sec to log in to see how many I have.. xD
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  3. Okay, so I found 400 Sheep eggs, and I will give you an "employee discount" and say 15/per.. That is of course going off of the price listed in Empire Prices V2.5: Section One of 20/per for sheep eggs.. 400*15=6,000. I will go ahead and mail them to you if that is okay.. :)
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  4. Sent ya what i had.
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  5. Oh.
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  6. Aye, glad to see people using EP
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  7. paid in full

    and thank you :)
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  8. So how do you go about turning an animal back into an egg?
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  9. Right click it with a regular stick and watch it *Poof* into your inventory.
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  10. So can i know what this is for?
    A new shearing area or...
    A llama army?
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  11. Well, I wonder what this bird's plans are for these sheep ;)
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  12. Ship building. We need lots of sheep to shear so BrenJone and I can have a high yield of wool. It gets used up so fast and our sheep farms don't cut it. (also we don't want to import wool by the dc)

    World domination.
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  13. i ahve 3 stacks
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  14. Must be making a pretty big farm, the question is, wool it be public?
  15. Gimme pics >.>
  16. I have a quad cavespider grinder if you want to use that for wool
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  17. So sorry about the slow reply.. I was playing star trek the last couple of days.. xD ..I am jumping on my niece's account to send you the sheep right now, as I went on a journey in the frontier on my account.. xD ...And they are sent (Via ltllacewng), unless I derped entirely writing out the mail message.. :oops:
  18. Muahaha, what color wool ya need mass volumes of?