[Buying] 1 of each Passive Mob Head (No Cows Allowed!)

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  1. I would like to buy some passive mob heads! I am in need of a chicken head, pig head, sheep head, mooshroom head, and squid head (if existing). If villagers do exist (highly doubtful) then please pm me any offers. Here are the prices I am going for. If you want to sell but disagree with my buying price, please pm me, whether on the forums or ingame.

    Chicken: 500r
    Pig: 600r
    Sheep: 600r
    Mooshroom: 700r
    Squid (If existing): 2,000r

    Again, handle all price changes in a pm with me! I can explain my prices if needed. :) I will only be buying one of each of the above heads, assuming they all exist. Thanks!
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  2. We can get passive animal heads? :confused:
  3. Yup. Mojang made special players with mob skins so that designers could use other mob heads, ranging from ghast to chicken! :D EMC implemented a bunch of them, just because we're special. :)
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  4. So you can just farm cows then get their heads? Or is it just those mobs you said?
  5. It is several different mobs, but you have to kill naturally spawned ones to get the heads. :) So you can't simply slaughter four thousand cows.
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  6. Can you get heads from cows that come from 2 cows getting together.... yea....
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