[ BUYING ] 1 DC Of Pine Logs/Spruce Logs

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Is it ok to make buying auctions in a selling auction forum?

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No 3 vote(s) 50.0%
This time it's ok but don't do it again... 0 vote(s) 0.0%
This forum shall be deleted because it's so weird... 3 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. Hey People, I would like to buy a DC of Pine Logs from someone, this is going to be an auction except backwards, starting with high price then going down untill I say yay that's a good price!

    Starting Bid: 13,000 Rupees

    Minimal Bid Decrease: 100 Rupees

    Time: 24 Hours After Last Bid

    I'm Buying: 1 Double Chest of Pine Logs/ Spruce Logs

    Remember I'm buying, your selling... Please sell this to me i really need it...

    Thank you for your time~:p
  2. Lower starting bid please?
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  3. Is this a valid Auction type?
  4. I don't believe this is valid, but I do know what your getting at.

    Basically what he's doing is listing his price for a DC of these logs. If people have them and want to sell, they will lower their price until the auction ends. So instead of bidding to BUY this guys item, your bidding to SELL your item to this guy.

    Someone bids 13,000. This means he'll sell the DC for that price. Another person may come along and bid 12,700 and now that's the price he'd pay.

    It makes a little bit of sense, but this isn't the place to do it. You'd be better off just making a buying thread and giving a set price.
  5. Yesh thats what it is, and sorry I'm new to forums...
  6. This makes no sense... I doubt anyone would lower a bid when trying to sell something, they would want to get as much as they could.
  7. You have to consider some other factors. Maybe they need money quickly for a better deal. There also isn't a high demand for a DC of logs, so for some a quick sale is worth more then waiting it out. Depends on the person. I was really into TF2 Trading for a while and this was a common way of buying items
  8. You are wrong as its not always the case and although Crazy has a point its not like that in EMC economy. most people sell cheaper than others all the time so lets say someone did bid to sell at 13k there is bound to be someone that will come and sell it for less, just like it Happens in SMP's shops. There is always those people who have to much of something and wouldn't mind putting it up for sell. also 13k for a DC of logs is a nice price all the way down to 9k is still a nice price.
  9. I realize my mistake now.
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