[BUYING] 1 Beacon - 40k!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm looking to buy 1 beacon for 40k! If you got one for sale please send a reply to this thread or send me a PM!

    Thank you

  2. Its going to Hard ++ Because you have to travel to NEW nether fortress' but if you disconnect/reconnect the they don't spawn at all and its a bukkit bug not our version of bukkit or a plugin.

    Im going to try to get 2 beacons (bacons :D)
  3. yer me and terry are going to the nether, we have generated new land and now are just looking for a new fortress with wither skeletons and hopefully get a lot then come back and make some withers to kill! but its pretty hard
  4. If you find any, I'd be happy to buy :)! Including 2 skulls for 2k each
  5. Update! We have found a chunk with wither enabled spawn about 6k from nether spawn. We will have the skulls soon!
  6. I'd like to buy 1 beacon and 3 skulls to whoever brings them to me first!!!
  7. Hmm, how many do you need
  8. i have killed like 5 wither skeletons and normal skeletons in the nether and no skull :(
  9. Wow, 40k? It really costs that?
  10. keep going coffee! Btw its a rare drop
  11. i'd say it would cost more, considering that you have to kill A LOT of skeletons just to get enough skulls... then you have to kill the wither... then put the beacon together.. that is a ton of work...
  12. I bought my first for 70k (i overpriced it) and the 2nd for 40k and the third for 65 coz VITIRI didnt wanna sell it for 40k =p. So now im buying the last at 40k
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  13. Withers only spawn in 1.4 fortresses which means a long time to travel there.
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  14. now like 15 and no skull
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  15. that is a lot of dangerous travel in the nether, i do believe if i ever could go out and get all that myself, i'd never part with it for anything... that would be like, extreme hard earned awesome right there.
  16. well a 40k awaits whoever brings me the beacon first xD and 3 wither skulls to buy :)
  17. i have killed so many withers and keep going back and forth to allow them to spawn but not skull :(
    also wat is with the normal skeletons on the nether
  18. Ps 2.5% drop rate
  19. o
  20. ouch.