[BUYING] 1.8 items and more

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  1. Hai everyone :3

    I would like some items from 1.8 ;) I do not know the prices, so if you sell it to me, please write the price. >.< sorry

    I will also cross out & add items to this thread. (should I get rid of my other market threads?)

    4 stacks of prismarine blocks
    16 sea lanterns
    8 spomges
    6 armor stands
    6 stacks raw & cooked mutton
    6 stacks of raw & cooked rabbit
    4 rabbit eggs
    32 rabbit hide
    1 banner of every color :D
    3 stacks of diorite (polished)
    3 stacks of granite (polished)
    3 stacks of andesite (polished)

    Vanilla Minecraft
    16 emeralds
    4 ocelot eggs
    32 lapis (blue dye)
    8 lapis blocks

    EMC Custom
    Nothing yet ;)

    Thanks everyone :D
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  2. Please change that blue, it is absolutely terrible for the eyes >.> Have pity on your readers lol.
  3. kk :3 dat better?
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  4. How much will you buy each sponge for?
  5. Guardian Eggs do not exist in Empire Minecraft
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  6. You can only egg passive mobs (not including bats) on Empire Minecraft. If you want to make a farm, you'll have to manually set one up using an ocean monument, the only area where guardians spawn. Guardians also do not breed, so if you're hoping to make one as you would farm cows, picture something more along the lines of a squid, golem, or pigman farm. :)
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  7. ok awesome :) thanks for the tip
  8. I could sell you 16 emeralds, just name a price.
  9. I've got sponge and sea lanterns for sale at 4443 on smp2. :)
  10. 500r? idk really
  11. im making a guardian farm if you are willing to put in the time to help make it i would be glad to let you use it
  12. idk :oops: haven't been really updated about 1.8 prices...that's why I'm asking you.....
  13. Ah. =P I'd sell you sponge for 5.2k apiece.
  14. sure! what do ya need help on? I can supply materials, but I ain't a redstone genius xD
    Tuesday when I can help you. :)
  15. ninjaboy sells his for 4k per at 4443 (as said above), he has the best prices I have seen yet (no he didn't pay me to advertise lol).
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  16. its redstoneless i need sand lotrs of sand people to put down sand and peoople to drain oceans
  17. Are you still in need of the rabbit spawn eggs? If so I can get you 4.
  18. ok, I'll get lots of sand Tuesday ;)
    thanks that would be great :D
    awesome! I'll check out his shop when I get back ;)
    I'll think about it.... :p
  19. Also, 1.8 is Vanilla Minecraft. :p
  20. :oops: I knew that...........jk =P