[BUYING] 1.2 DCs of smooth stone.

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  1. I will buy 1.2 stacks of smooth stone for up to 5,500r. If it is worth more, tell me below. I am using it for a "Iron Trench", a 1300+ iron/hour.
  2. I am almost positive Iron Trench does not work in SMP
  3. No clue, but you can try.
  4. Sorry, but do you want 1.2 DC of smooth stone, as shown by the title, or 1.2 stacks of smooth stone as shown by the post?
  5. Deal

    Please set up an access chest.
  6. I have heard that the iron trench does not work. This was confirmed by mods.
  7. Visit 859 on smp1 to buy stone :)
  8. Uh, ok.
    Mods, close this thread.
    How would this not work?
  9. Too many Iron farms on EMC, causing it to go corrupt.
  10. Oh ok. Slow farms it is.