[Buy/Sell/Trade] FDNY21's RARE ITEM TRADES V3

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  1. Hello, and welcome to the the now third version of rare items trades by FDNY21!

    You look at what we have to offer and what we are looking for, and you simply drop FDNY21 a PM on site or find him in game with an offer or to negotiate! Easy enough? Let's get to it!

    Super Rare Custom Items - Items such as: Mob Arena Blades, Sword of UDDER Justice, Horse Man EwwEr, Maxarian Boots, etc

    Aikar's Signature - Aikar's signed book from his Economy Destroying Drop Party (lored)

    60,000 Member Items - 60k Member Tools (e.g. Turfinator) and 60k Member Armour (e.g. Big Daddy Helmet)

    Maxarian Head - Maxarias's Head :p


    Stable Voucher- Right click to increase stable size by 1, or keep as a collectible, worthy to any collection! /v FDNY21, there is one for sale at currently: 14,000r. 11,000r!


    Ore Busters - 60k Member Tool, trading for super rare items!

    I will trade any of the items I am selling for any of the items I am buying, can add sums of money too ;)

    So feel free to drop a PM or find me in game, thanks for looking and hopefully we can get some deals going! :D
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  2. I want that TVirus, how much for it?
  3. Go to into edit mode, highlight it all, and click "remove formatting"
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  4. How much are you buying a ICC B-Day voucher?
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  5. Looking for as many original valentines roses possible, one of the newer valentine roses (no lore) and a super rare item!*

    Hundreds of thousands of rupees to grab if you can sell me a super rare item!
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  6. Tip: 4005 is selling A dragon egg for 350k
  7. Just checked - It is 700k, not 350k. :p
  8. I have a used rudolph
  9. Are all 4 stable vouchers for sale?
  10. Labor benches?
  11. I have 10 now.. Just took them off sale :p
    Buying? Selling? Trade? Price? Quantity?
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  12. Promo Instructions?
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  14. Selling? :confused:
  15. Me selling? You selling? I am not selling them :confused:
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  16. xD I haz 2 of them, and is looking to sell 1 of them.
  17. Seeing as how I have 2 already, 10k would be my highest offer :rolleyes:
  18. Dat face doe
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  19. Are you buying 1 labor bench?
    I got an extra after an accident with a [slot] sign.
  20. I may well do - just shoot a price offer via PM and we can see :D
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