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  1. Weekly Peak Newspaper
    The Weekly Peak Newspaper is run by myself SFFL44. I've always loved journalism and finally decided to start my own newspaper here on EMC. I cover all the updates and weekly events held here on EMC. I just started today with this newspaper so it's not quite everything I want it to be, but I hope you guys bare with me and stick with this and help support this amazing thing.
    The Weekly Peak offers 2 types of payment
    1. Week to week Purchase Meaning you purchase the newspaper for full cost each week
    2. You purchase a subscription plan, meaning that you save money by purchasing multiple Edition at one time
    100r For 1 Edition
    400r for a 5 Edition Subscription Plan
    PM SFFL44 to purchase In Game or on Forums, Thanks.

    Now Offering Article Bounties 250r Per article
    How it works
    Simply PM me a suggestion on an article I should write and if I approve/agree
    with the suggestion I will use the Topic in the next weeks newspaper and pay you
    250r for your participation.

    Here at the Weekly Peak I offer an Advertising and Sponsorship sections in the Newspaper each week to help fund this Newspaper.
    Advertising: Lasts 1 Edition
    100r Per Line (even if you don't fill the line)
    Sponsorship: Lasts 1 Edition
    5,000r You will receive an entire section dedicated to you with a header as well as a advertisement in this thread.
    PM SFFL44 to Advertise or Sponsor, In Game or on Forums, Thanks.

    Current Sponsors:
    "The Man in the Box(chest); The true hero of SMP9"
    Coming soon, on Smp5... Two Things! First, a new event Hosted by _cTJ_... Monster Slayer.
    Players go out for one hour (or more) and set up a camp. All players will
    have miniboss spawns on and we'll fight as many bosses as possible!
    Two... A new specialty shop on SMP5! _cTJ_'s
    new shop will change specialties every other week!
    Be sure to check out both of these great things out!
  2. Nice idea! I think this could actually help with helping to publicise smaller businesses too (as well as being a good business on its own). I wish you luck, if you ever need a hand with anything, just message me c:
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  3. Thanks for the feedback :) I really appreciate it and also I'm currently looking for a reporter or two to help cover events that I'm not able to attend. It probably wouldn't pay that much but it would pay some, but hey you get paid to go to events and have fun (best job ever right) lol. It would basically be people going to say firefloor and other such events and keeping track of the winners, and possibly getting a few words from the winners. So if you're interested just let me know :D
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  4. I'll help out where I can. We can speak later or closer to the time if you want : D.
  5. ok sweet thank you :) it means alot
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  6. SFFL44 make sure to include some SMP9 wackiness in there xD
  7. I definitely will lol
  8. I'll be your first sponsor! I dont have anything to promote so just make up cool things about me and I'll send you some selfies.
    I'm picturing "The Man in the Box(chest); The true hero of SMP9"
    "The guy with the really big tree: The Final Frontier"

    Let me know either way, I'm going to do my makeup now for the shoot.
  9. Ok cool, that'll be great Robbi. Thank you a ton. "mom get the camera" lol
  10. Bump Currently Working possibly expanding to Covering the news on youtube been working with some editing
  11. Bump Thursday Newspaper is Printed and the people with Subscription Plans have been mailed their newspapers.
  12. Edition 2 Newspaper is now ready to be sold PM me in game or on the forums if you would like one for 100r