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  1. War Lion is solely based on Empire Minecraft.

    WAR LION - The Company

    War Lion is a new company that develops innovative games on Empire Minecraft, most recently World of Empires. We are opening our doors for Empire Minecraft players who may be looking at a future in Gaming Development and want a place to start. In the coming months expect to be seeing some pretty interesting projects coming from our members and the company in general.

    WAR LION - The Developers

    Ethan (Erektus) - Founder of War Lion and creator of "World of Empires". Ethan handles map design, hosts games, and manages players.

    Cory (CoryLovesYou) - Head of Game Mechanics, currently developing "Colonial Domination". Cory created all the statistics of the units and buildings, on both World of Empires and Colonial Domination.

    WAR LION - Games

    World of Empires - A turn based strategy game, completely geared towards taking over territory and destroying the other players in the game. Developed by Ethan.

    Colonial Domination - The first real time strategy game on Empire Minecraft, this game focuses on building up your colony and expanding your territory, with the occasional conflict. Developed by Cory.

    Commander's Quest - A single player war game, with a story mode and objectives to complete. This game is not yet ready for release, but will most likely overtake World of Empires as the most played War Lion game. Developed by Ethan and Cory.

    WAR LION - Hiring

    Developer - Ever wanted to create a game, but never really had the resources or expertise to do what you wanted with it? Join the Developer team and start creating innovative games with the help of our developers and host.

    Pay: 80% of the revenue from your game's sales.

    Host - Looking to make rupees while playing games, interacting with players, and running a game? You've come to the right place! Since Ethan or Cory can't be on 24/7, we're hiring host to run the games when we can not.

    Pay: 20,000 Rupees per game

    Map Maker - Each game of World of Empires will have a unique map made of colored wool. If you enjoy creating pixel art, building with wool, or just creating something people will enjoy, this job is definitely for you.

    Pay: 10,000 Rupees per map.
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  2. I would like to be a host :p
  3. Is it possible to be in two of the jobs?