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  1. The TriMall
    The TriMall is a mega store that combines 3 stores into 1 area.
    Visit this store with /v +trimall on smp8

    The TriMall consists of the following

    Promo Shop
    The promo shop is a great place to shop all needs in promos!
    I buy and sell promos in this building. I have these things called weekly deals which are deals that are only available for 1 or 2 weeks. I always try to refresh the deals on either Saturday or Sunday! I will try to have the weekly deals up in the first comment box below!

    Cheap Store
    I really wanted to create a place to shop that I would want to shop at so I thought EVERYONE likes cheap stuff! So the Cheap Store was created! This place has UNBELIEVABLE deals! Some of the prices include Notch Apples for 500r, Diamond Barding for 1,000r, Golden Apples for 20r, and lastly, a Stable Voucher for 5,000r.

    These are just a few of the amazing prices that we offer in this store! In this shop you can bulk buy all you want just leave some stuff for other people. WARNING: This store is HARD to keep stocked because everything usually sells the very first day. I try my best to keep rupees in your wallet! :)
    (This store is not yet open. More info in the first comment.)

    Banner Company
    I love to make banners so I decided to make a Company about it! This place will feature a main floor to buy all of the custom banners that me and my employees have made. The banner buy chests will have a preview sign so you can see what banner you are buying. It should also either have the banner in an item frame or just beside the chest. The banners should be fairly cheap unless one of the items used to make the banner cost a lot.
    EXAMPLE: To make a certain banner it requires a Notch Apple, therefore it will cost more than the others. If you want to work here talk to Zion_Moyer in game and he can set something up.
    (This store is not yet open. More info in the first comment.)

    I hope you enjoy this new Store!
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  2. The Cheap Store and the Banner Company are down because I still have to stock both stores. The Cheap Store, I am hoping to have up by June 2nd (will include a drop party) The Banner Company Shop, I am hoping to have up within June 8th to June 20th.

    I am currently not hiring for the Banner Company
  3. Damn for a cheap shop that's maybe *too much* cheap lol. Anyway can't wait!
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  4. Wow, sounds really awesome! I'll check it out! :) I love cheap btw :D
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  5. All your promo needs, huh...

    *looks inside my promo chest*
    *still lacking many things*
    *wants marlix armor--full set*
    *wants a T-Vaccine just for fun*

    *glances at the non-existent clock above my hotel*
    It'll take awhile to get everything i could possibly want, huh...
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  6. Well I don't even have a full set of marlix armor, but, I am now adding the T-Vaccine to the shop!
  7. *please hold one for me*
    *please make it cheap please make it cheap please make it cheap*
  8. I have never seen a shop with these so I put it at a the price I think it would go for and I will lower as the days go by.
  9. >.> was I supposed to wait for the price drop?
    too late
    *runs off with the T-Vaccine*
    >no regards for wallet< lol
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  10. A bump for the Cheap Store almost being ready to be opened