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  1. Hello EMC! I am an aspiring writer, and am opening a bookstore on smp2 at /v SilvrBuildBlocks.

    My bookstore contains four sections: Five Nights at Freddy's, Minecraft, Original Stories, and then the Mash-Up Section. While most are self-explanatory, the Mash-Up Section is for books that don't fall under any of the other categories.

    Currently, these are the titles I have/will have to offer:

    Unhinged, Pt. 1 - 100r
    Unhinged, Pt. 2 - 100r
    Trapped: It's Me - 100r

    Rockit, Pt. 1 - 100r

    Between Her Lies, Pt. 1 - 100r
    Between Her Lies, Pt. 2 - 100r
    End City, Pt. 1 - 100r


    If I am out of stock, simply let me know (whether in chat or on the forums) and I will do my best to get the story to you as quickly as I can.

    Here are short introductions to each story:

    UNHINGED - An older FNaF story that is rather inaccurate, but follows Foxy as Freddy plays some mind games on his fellow animatronic.

    TRAPPED: IT'S ME - details Purple Guy's death. Keep in mind that the book version is heavily edited, and the book contains info on how to get the full version if you dislike the edited one. {MAY BE REMOVED SOON DUE TO QUESTIONABLE CONTENT AND INCOMPATIBILITY WITH THIS SERVER}

    ROCKIT - A scifi book where a cat dies from a sudden fatal illness. The veterinarian can't forgive herself... and a rollercoaster ensues.

    BETWEEN HER LIES - Redmond is a hybrid. He doesn't know it though, and the truth will rock his world.

    END CITY - A long series detailing a misfit Enderman born onto the Overworld. He's rescued, and taken to the fabled End City - but why was he left in the Overworld? Why is he defective? What is wrong with him?

    And if books aren't your cup of tea, my store is still expanding, and does have a pet section so far. Thank anyone who decides to check it out, and buy any of my stories! :D
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  2. Raise those prices man! Take a look at Tigers Text Bookstore, and compare your book length to that! You can easily sell books for 250r each on here!
  3. Maybe lateeeer. Right now I want to keep them that way XD I'd like to give people a chance to decide if they like me before making my prices higher.
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  4. Okay, thanks. I'll change the color. :) And sorry for the bumps - I come from a website where the forums would shove threads way down in a day, so I typically bump mine once a day. Heh, if it is a bit annoying I'll space it out a bit more.
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  5. You're fine, when I bump my threads I nearly fill up the entire Recent Thread box. :D Welcome to EMC.
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  6. Thanks :D
  7. Is there a ''buy all my books for a reduce price'' package?
  8. Bumping posts is 110% absolutely fine. The rules state that you must bump only three hours after the last post; last post I see is from August 5th (though I'm pretty sure you deleted some). They aren't annoying at all. :)
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  9. I have a few books floating around you can have to sell, if you would like them. You can keep the profits, I just want my stuff out there more.
  10. I didn't even think about that. :D But I do like the idea. Hmm.. my only issue is, I only have a certain amount available at any given time. But for all of these, the ones I currently have available:

    Unhinged, Pt. 1 & 2
    Trapped: It's Me
    End City, Pt. 1

    I'm thinking about 250. What do you think?

    I'd love it. It's always nice to help a fellow writer get their stuff out there. :)

    Thanks :) Yeah I deleted most of them, they were cluttering up the thread.
  11. sounds good, tho you can copy paste books with ctrl c (copy) and ctrl v (paste) if you want to mass produce them, if you know the trick nvm.

    Can you mail them? I'll pay you the rupees when I'll get them
  12. Oh I know, what I'm saying is, I haven't even made the original of some yet :D But I will mail all of those. Thanks man :)
  13. I am interested. I'll take one copy of Rockit when you can. I also bought End City and I am liking it so far. Keep it up, but try to make a more appealing library. I am going to build a library soon, and I might hire you and sell your books if you'd like! I paid you 100r for the book, if you could mail it to me, that'd be great!
  14. Of course! :D I dug out underneath my entire plot (MUCH thanks to a friend for that, and their Efficiency V diamond shovel XD) but I will definitely be making more. And I will be sure to mail you them. :) When I can, I will make the original of Rockit and send it to you.