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  1. Hello Emc Players, I am setting a Bulk supply service. This bulk supply business will take a while to get up and running so therefore the limit of ordering is 3 DC’s of Blocks at a time. There is exception for wool and wood as they may take time.:)

    Dc – Stone = 3000r
    Dc – Cobblestone = 3000r
    Dc – Sand = 8000r
    Dc – Red Sand = 20,000r
    Dc – Red Sand Stone = 34,000r
    Dc – Smooth Red Sandstone = 38,000r
    Dc – Sand Stone = 10,000r
    Dc – Smooth Sand Stone = 10,000r
    Dc – Creeper Sand Stone = 10,000r
    Dc – Wood = 13,000r [1Dc at a Time]
    Dc – Gravel = 16,000r
    Dc – Brick = 55,000r
    Dc – Clay = 50,000r
    Dc – Snow = 20,500r
    Dc – Ice = 11,000r
    Dc – Granite = 10,000r
    Dc – Andesite = 13,500r
    Dc – Diorite = 13,500r
    Dc - Stained Clay = 22,000r

    Dc – Wool = 7000r [Any colour] [1 Dc at a time]

    Dc – Nether Brick = 10000r
    Dc – Nether rack = 9500r

    Further Items may be sold in future, Hope you Enjoy! Pickup is at /v 11256 or /v Mizzo12. If you want home delivery leave me your Res number

    How to Place an Order: What Item you are Ordering;
    How much of that Item:
    The Overall Price:
    Delivery: Pickup or Home Delivery

    Order That Need to be Done:
  2. What: Stone (smooth)
    How much: 2dcs
    Overall price: 6000 rupees
    Thank you for the service =D
  3. Your Order is Ready For Pickup! /v 11256
  4. Bump! Prices may get lower, keep a nigh out :D
  5. I now need cobble, and sorry that I haven't come to pick up the other thing yet :p

    Anyways, thanks for the service:

    What: Cobble stone
    How much: 1 dc
    Overall price: 3,000 rupees
    Thanks again ;)
  6. Your Cobble n Stone are Ready to be collected ;) Pay soon as possible
  7. Thanks, I've paid and picked up.
  8. Item and quantities:
    • Dc – Red Sand Stone = 34,000r
    • Dc – Sand Stone = 10,000r
    • Dc – Smooth Sand Stone = 10,000r
    • 54,000r
    Pickup please
  9. You have only paid me for one Dc of cobblestone, you need to pay me another 6k
  10. Your Order is ready to be Picked up and Paided for! Thank you for the order:)
  11. I don't think so. Can you check your rLog? I checked mine. I paid for them in two different chunks.

  12. Oh sorry i apologize I didn't relize you paid in different time
  13. Thanks, paid :)
  14. Thank you
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