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  1. Going somewhere away from your computer but you want to fish??? Then this is the service for you. I will make you an afk fish farm where all you need to do is tape down your right click button and you're good to fish and go somewhere off your computer. Please PM me if you would like to purchase one of these amazing afk fishing farms and we will discuss a good price that benefits you and I!
  2. According to Bigdavie this is against the rules you cant interact with the MC world while your not there. Bannable offence apparently :/

    But there's no rules on having 2 screens and watching a movie :rolleyes:

    Edit2: proof can be found here
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  3. Really??? Didn't hear about that not going to afk anymore I guess I'll do what you said with watching a movie on my second screen :/. I will edit in that to not afk for too long because it is a bannable offense. Thanks for letting me know and I'll try to make sure no customers get banned and talk to BigDavie about the subject. I personally afked when I was going to be afk for like 30 mins to get a snack or do something quick that my mother wants me to do. Never for more than 3 hours though I think.
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  4. Yea just wanted to give you the heads up :)
  5. If this is true why is there a /away?
  6. Maybe I wanna go check the forums...
  7. AFK's that are full auto, such as an auto killing iron farm, or mob grinder, are acceptable.
    Making your computer execute what are supposed to be player actions without your interaction, such as XP grinding or fishing, are not allowed.
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  8. You can go AFK.

    You cannot 'interact' with MC while away from keyboard.
    IE. if it requires you press the mouse button, you must do it yourself. You cannot use software triggers/macros, sellotape, a weight, etc.

    EDIT: A funny story. :) I was modding a server where players would try to argue they WERE there doing it themselves. So I figured, if they were there, they'd react to certain things, like: Teleporting them to a room that sets them on fire, spawns mobs, or various other things when they press a button. If they are holding down their mouse button.. they'll stop pretty quick. :) If they are not at the keyboard.. they'll keep killing themselves.
    Other than a few complains, the process worked well in weeding out the cheaters lol.
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  9. BUMP! I advise then that my customers to don't afk for too long... If you are a customer than don't afk... maybe watch a movie, go on forumns, youtube but don't afk for longer than 2 hours, well 2 hours if you forget your fishing. Please don't afk for too long; I advise that you don't just in case of getting banned.
  10. I want one please
  11. How is this different from just casting in the ocean?
  12. you can just hold right click and you never miss a fish.
  13. - A fishing hole allows you to fish anywhere you want.
    - Certain conditions affect how likely you are to catch fish (EG. rain, from a boat, in a river/ocean)

    Give the above. Creating a fishing hole near auto-farms or other things that produce while the chunks are active will allow you to fish and get other resources at the same time. As opposed to venturing into some random wild ocean to fish.

    EG: Fishing hole that is also a Squidd farm, with Iron farms all around, and Slime chunk farms below. While a quad Spawner farm feeds into an auto-kill mechanism to collect drops. And the rest of the area is filled with Auto farms such as: sugarcane, pumpkins, melon, cobble, etc.

    Creating a fishing hole allows you to pick the conditions. IE. Somewhere there are no mobs to kill you, but where the conditions are optimal for best fishing. IE. in an ocean/river biome with rain, from a boat. (I'm not sure if those conditions still apply in 1.7.2).

    Does that answer your question?
  14. Will it work on a res?
  15. Can someone please build this?!
  16. Using some device, program or mod to perform an action in game while away from computer is not allowed and is considered to be on par with hacking (permaban if caught). However using the same mod or program while you remain at the computer is allowed. You don't need to have you hand on the mouse or keyboard (e.g. Reading a book, watching a movie on a second screen) but do expect you to respond, in a timely fashion, to a /tell or a moderator appearing in your view.
  17. LOL Already have. Just not for anyone else. :p
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  18. are we allowed to have something heavy or tape on our mouse? thats not a mod/program. is that bannable too?
  19. so basically as long as you are physically present at your computer and performing actions, and are able to respond within a certain amount of time its okay? if so i might make me an ole fishing hole