[Business] "Sell and Barter"

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  1. Have you ever needed money? Have some extra enchanted tools or books?
    Well now you can sell your tools, weapons, and armor at 18646 on SMP9 if you have any items you would like to sell but don't see me online? Then PM me here.
    Please DON'T post your items here or any sales you would like to make on here. I appreciate it.

    Iron Horse Armor=150r
    Gold Horse Armor=500re
    Diamond Horse Armor=3000r
    Beacons=8500r (Debatable)
    Wither Skulls=1600r
    Signed Staff Books=*Prices Debatable*
    60k Member Items
    • Ore Busters=15,000r
    • Turfinator=6000r
    • Everlasting Axestopper=8000r
    • Flaming Mob Launcher=9000r
    • Big Daddy Helmet=6000r
    • Bullet Proof Vest=8000r
    • Cactus Pants=8500r
    • Feather Fallllling Boots=9000r
    Marlix Equipment=20k for any piece
    Momentus Toothpick=17,000r
    Skeleton Head=50r
    Zombie Head=25r
    Creeper Head=100r
    Vault Voucher=6000r
    Stable Voucher=6000r
    Voter's Block=10,000r
    Labor Bench=5500r
    Staff Member's Heads=*Prices depends on which staff it is*

    Info on the 60k Member Items can be found here: Info

    Of course I'm looking for more stuff but this is just common items I'm looking for.
  2. Bump, bring me your gear to make a bit of money!