60,000 Member Celebration & Gifts!

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  1. In the recent weeks, EMC recently became 60,000 member strong! To celebrate this, we have created a very special shop that has some custom EMC items. Each of the items respectively will cost 6,000 a piece and has abilities that aren't normally obtainable via default gameplay. To give everyone on EMC at least one of the items, we are also granting a free 6,000 rupees to each member as well which is available by clicking the link below. You can find the special shop at /spawn on SMP1.

    Here are the special items available in the shop

    Both the shop and the free rupees code will expire on Sunday, April 28th, 2013.



    Now time to actually READ the thread and post stuff thats relevant it in the "EDIT:" area below XD

    EDIT: I think that this is a GREAT idea, ICC, and this is an AWESOME milestone! XD

    and now Ill have to decide what to waste my money on XD
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  3. 2nd! AWESOME! :D

    EDIT: @IceCreamCow Are these items free? Lol Ooops it isnt 6k each for all of them :p Well, I guess its worth it. What should I get? I like the bullet proof vest.
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  4. Umm... 3rd?

    EDIT: Thanks ICC :D But why 6,000 rupees to each player? Why not... 60,000!
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  5. Arbitrary post number!
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  6. I now want the Big Daddy Helmet just because of the name.
  7. That Big Daddy helmet will be mine.
    I know i'm a Dalek now, but that still doesn't mean I can't be the daddy I once was.
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  8. Once I get this armour, I say at April 28th Midnight we out on the armour, come to smp1, and do a march! Lol
  9. Thanks! I really needed that money I think I will buy a pick axe. Thanks again!
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  10. This is of very awesome!
  11. *Spends over 400k on project*
    *Sexy items that he wants really badly come out*
  12. Bought them all. :)

    And thanks for the 50k, Cow :)
  13. I am not gonna use one of the items and auction them with a notice saying "These are unrepairable" :D
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  14. I must convince a sibling who has gold and been derelict for, like, 100 days to lend some rupees to my "project." :p
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  15. Woah, this is really cool.
  16. I just picked up my full set. Thanks for doing this, and congrats on getting us to 60,000! :)
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  17. A reason to waste my cash! Yay!
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  18. Hmmm I need more money I want pic and and axe. Nooo. Someone donate to me pleaseee
  19. There needs to be efficiency VI unbreaking III fortune IV shears... c'mon ICC!
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