[Business] Scruffy's Emporium - 10034 - SMP5

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  1. --- Scruffy's Emporium - 10034 - SMP5 ---

    Currently Under Construction

    Announcing New upcoming mega-mall by NZScruffy.
    Just Type: /v 10034

    Due to lack of funds, and resources, still much work to be done. However, there is already products for sale, and a few items will be selling in Bulk while construction continues. (see below for details)

    For Sale - Bulk Stock:
    ITEM - QUANTITY - PRICE -- Currently in stock

    Enderpearls - 16 - FREE -- Stock: 10 DCs
    SugarCane - 1728 (1 SC) - 135r -- Stock: 30 DCs
    Iron Ingots - 1728 (1 SC) - 2600r -- Stock: 1 DC
    Red, Orange, Brown, White, Light Grey Stained clays - 1728 (1 SC) for 2500r -- Stock: 29 DCs
    Hardened Clay - 1728 (1 SC) for 2500r -- Stock: 12 DCs

    I will update this information as things change. Please come check again soon.

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  2. More information on Scruffy's Emporium:

    I will endeavor to keep all blocks in stock by regular update of prices, contracting bulk suppliers, and employing players looking for 'jobs'. (I will advertise when these 'jobs' become available).

    After Construction is complete, there will be public services and attractions available such as:

    - Public tree and produce farms
    - Multi-Level Enchanting + Anvil and Crafting table.
    - Information Center (with Teleports and info on many shops, services, and entertainment locations)
    - Mini-Meuseum
    - Casino and Amusement Park
    - + more public attractions/services as they are needed.

    We will announce special sales of different blocks whenever possible (and stock levels permit)

    Scruffy's Emporium will stock:
    - All blocks, of all colors, always in stock.
    - Bulk amounts of major raw materials.
    - Enchanted tools and armor
    - Most Potions
    - Most Enchanted Books
    - Some rare/EMC unique items
    - Basically everything of use in EMC, I will endeavor to keep stocked.
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  3. Current Stock levels:

    21 DC's SugarCane
    5 DC's Iron Ingots
    45 DC's Various Hardened/Stained clay
  4. How much hardened clay do you have? I'm wondering for pure, hardened clay.
  5. I will buy 2 DCs of iron if possible :)
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  6. I see you found the iron potato. thee is still more.

    And i restock 1-2 DC's a day of ingots.

    Still heaps of hardened and stained clay for sale.
  7. Still have 12 DC's of Hardened clay, and can get more if there is a demand for it.
  8. Now selling Enchanted Picks and Axes!
  9. Bump

    Iron at 1.5r per ingot
    Clay at 2r per block
    Sugarcane at 135r/SC

    FREE enderpearls