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  1. Hey there! In this Business I will be able to construct Redstone Powered Farms, or Basic Designed Structures from a Single Player world onto EMC, or you may choose any of my featured Builds!
    Please make sure you read all of the Details at the Bottom of the thread carefully before considering.

    Here are your options:

    - The Super Smelter

    [Can be Built 10-20 Furnaces Long]
    [Iron Blocks are changeable under request]
    Price Per Build: 2,000 Rupees


    - The Ice Generator

    Must be 8 Blocks above the Ground
    [Iron Blocks are Changeable under request]
    Price Per Build: 3,000 Rupees

    - Custom
    If you don't happen to like the Current featured Builds I'll be happy to build your own Creation, though I will need a World Download Link (More Details below). If you're unable to provide a Download Link, you may Upload the Single Player World to OneDrive with a Link I will provide under request.

    Price Per Build: Number of Materials Consumed x 5 = Price
    Price may also be discussed for larger Builds that include platforms or solid structures over a 4x4 Dimension.


    DETAILS (Important):
    • If you'd like me to do any of these Builds please PM me in-game.
    • The Build/Construction may only be built in Town, on a Residence.
    • As for the Custom Option, a World Upload of the Structure/Build is required. You may only use websites like OneDrive, Dropbox, MediaFire, and GoogleDrive, to upload your world and send me the Shared Link.
      • After receiving the World Download you may not change any of the Blocks unless I get a re-uploaded world before the Build/Structure is started. You may customize the build any way you like after the Build is complete.
      • Please make sure the Build/Structure is clear and viewable (Ex: Not Underground, or submerged)
    • If you'd like to Recommend a Build or a Structure to add on this Build List, please feel free to PM me in game.
    • When Constructing a Build/Structure, I will of course, need the "+Build", "+Container", and "+Redstone" Flags on your Residence. Though I will not touch any part of the Residence except the specified area you have chosen.
    • The Supplies/Blocks needed for the Build/Structure will be Supplied by YOU, this may change in the future but for now, they can only be supplied by you.
      • I will provide you with an accurate Materials list.
    • Tools used for building, (Pickaxes, shovels, axes, shears, ect.) will by me. No need to worry about tools.
    • The Build/Structures may be flipped/rotated under request, though some Builds (like the Super Smelter) can only be in 1 Direction, keep this in mind.
    • Remember! Changing, Customizing, and modifying is up to you. I will NOT be able to make the Build/Structure bigger, smaller, or change it in anyway.
    • I'm not responsible for any necessary Biome Changes, Res Claiming, or Res Flag Conflicts, please make sure that no one else except you can interfere with the Build/Structure.
    • Last, you are responsible for placing any Items, if necessary, that are in Hoppers, or Chests that exist in the Build/Structure.
    DISCLAIMERS (Important):
    • Certain Builds may Malfunction in certain parts of the Town (Ex: If the Build is not in Spawn Chunks), meaning that Redstone may stop Functioning, and Piston Heads may despawn under certain conditions (I may warn you of this). This is due to Certain Chunks not being Active on the Server. Redstone Failure can easily be fixed by Breaking/Replacing any effected Block. If there's any problems with Redstone Freezing feel free to PM me, and I'll do my best to fix it if there's any possible fix.
    • EMC Changes some Redstone Mechanics, causing some Redstone Circuitry to fail or not operate as expected. I will do my Best to attempt to create a work-around, though if things do not go in the right direction. It'll be up to you.
    If you have any further Questions or Feedback of how I can improve my Business, feel free to PM me IN-Game...
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  2. I'll take the ice thing and super smelter on my utopia residence please :)

    The blocks shall be wood planks blocks yes.
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  4. How efficient is the ice generator?
  5. Could you make a minecart-free multi-furnace system?
  6. I need a few cookers and harvesters. PM me please.
  7. Is the smelter stackable, can you make it so only the furnaces show in a wall, and do you do bulk discounts?
  8. Hey guys, you are all on my Waiting lists, I currently have a build to complete. Make sure you have read all the Details.

    That'll be up to you, you may send me the Download-able World to build on emc if you choose to make one.

    The efficiency is determined by the Tick Speed, once the Hopper Timer has made a complete Loop, it'll demote the ice pushing it down. You will have to change your Biome. There is a Disclaimer for the Ice Generator, sometimes the Buckets of water will get spat out of the Dispenser. This is a Server glitch, just refill the bucket with water and place it back in the Dispenser.

    Take a look at Mumbo Jumbo's Video, I provided a Link under the Option. We'll see about those Bulk Discounts.
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  11. Still open, correct?
  12. Yep. This is still available. Bump!
  13. Bump! Changes...

    - Prices has been lowered.
    - Updated the Details, hoppers should no longer freeze do to an EMC Bug fix.
  14. I would need the smelter done at my residence when the build on it is done, I will contact you.
  15. Ok, You'll be on my List.