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  1. Welcome to the NEXUS home thread, here you will find links to our services, projects, and anything else we may be working on or helping with.

    Order free, well designed, good looking images for your business or personal use. Erektus will always make sure you are satisfied with anything you order, just ask anything who had something made by him!

    Need a price? Find it in our newly designed, user-friendly price list! You will love the new quick links, as well as having all the prices you may need in the same place! Economic supremacy is just a few clicks away when you're using Empire Prices.

    Started up a shop but need more customers? Just want to get your name out there? Apply to be listed on our growing Shop List! We help new and experienced shop owners grow and make a strong foundation for their future in the economy of Empire Minecraft, and we'll help you too!

    We've compiled a list of useful links on the Empire forums, and it's being added to every day! Probably the most useful thread we've worked on, a few members of the community have helped to make sure the links you need have been added here!

    A Google Chrome theme currently being developed by Nexus Inc.

    About Nexus Incorporated
    Nexus was founded by Nccoryg in 2014 around the time he joined EMC, and was going to go public until the day he was banned. But now Nexus is back under Cory's leadership and is already worth a couple million rupees in the first few days! If you ever need help Nexus Inc. will be right there offering our hand in your time of need.

    Nccoryg- Founding Member/CEO
    Erektus- Vice President/Graphics Department
    Shelby- Founding Member/Design
    NeedsFoodBadly- Producer

    Feel free to message Nccoryg or Erektus with any questions you may have about any of our threads, businesses, or guides. If you are looking to join the ranks of Nexus send Nccoryg a PM and he will get back to you with the details of how to do so.


    Nccoryg's logo.

    NeedsFoodBadly's logo.
  2. Erektus please get me in game, I want to talk to you.
  3. Sorry to break this to you... But Nexus Inc. is already taken.

    Nexus Inc.
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  4. Why do you think I chose Gearmaster"09"
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  5. Because you weren't Gearmaster worthy.
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  6. You got me there... The name was already taken... It isn't migrated, so I cannot steal it

    EDIT: With permission from the current owner...

  7. Look out for this logo :p
  8. Bump, Nexus Inc. will be contacting a few businesses today.
  9. Hmm, Im actually kind of intrested in the real Nexus Inc... I'll need some waterproof audio jacks for the swimming headphones that I'm designing...:D
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  10. You didn't
  11. rekt.