[BUSINESS] Free Stone Generators!!!

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  1. Hello! Seems you have stumbled upon my business thread for me making you free stone generators! Welcome!

    I do this for free on any server! And you can have it any size! It has to be called a "pod" because you can have several pods on that stuff on the screen! Please if you want an order than please say so in the comments. But if you do not follow the ordering format then your order will not be granted. here is the form:

    Home Server

    IGN (in-game name)


    Materials (stone slabs, cobble, stone, obsidian, etc. other than wood or flammable items)
    Tip? (optional)

    Thank you! And this will last a little bit! So I am helping with stone! And this is a a guaranteed working stone gen!

    Credits to Ultimamaxx for showing me this design, your awesome dude!

    The flags I will need is Build, lever, and bucket!

    Anyways that is it for me, I will see you guys in-game soon!


    Current Orders:

  2. Made me stone generators on my residence, would recommend. 10/10
  3. 10/10 This will be nice to see around emc! (I already have one *Sad Trombone*
  4. Oh god I was so stupid not to put materials in here!!!
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  5. No orders yet, BUMP!
  6. Bump! It's lonely...
  8. Hello!
    I will want one on the future, but right now I need to make the space to fit it xP

    Thanks for the help anyway!

    Edit 1: Sorry, didn't use your format because I wasn't asking it for now xD Planned posting again maybe next week to ask for it

    Home server: SMP9
    IGN: Cuervo
    Residence: /v Cuervo // /v 18646
    Materials: Stone slabs
    Tip: I'll give you all the materials needed plus I suppose that some diamonds (I only have 1000 rupees xP)
  9. I will put you under the current order. Please tell me if you are ready by posting on my profile "Ready!!!" (exactly like that) and I will know you are ready. But do order one in the ordering format please :) (right now I won't put it on since you ordered incorrectly. Sorry, my OCD kicks in at the weirdest of times xD)
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  10. This is really cool :)! I've always wanted a stone generator but I could never figure out how to make one.

    Home server: Smp2
    IGN: Miss_Peevle
    Residence: /v 3369
    Materials: Cobble
  11. Awesome! Added to current orders list!
  12. Order Complete!
  13. Home Server --> SMP6

    IGN --> Galantisizer

    Residence --> 12037

    Materials --> Stone Brick Blocks, Glowstone, Stone Slabs (I can provide a little of this, if needed)

    Tip? 500r
    I will pay once I am online, and I will also give you the residence permissions to build. Thanks!
  14. Okay, I will get my items, I got it all, don't worry, and I need lever also. I even notice you haven't been on in 2 days...
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  15. Home server: smp4
    IGN: JPGamer1000
    Residence: 9836 (/v JPGamer1000 2 if that residence is not it)
    Materials: Stone slabs, Stone bricks, cobblestone, glowstone. I can provide all of this if you need. And more if necessary. ;)
    Tip: 100r

    I will pay and give flags next week because I can't get online this weekend. Sorry =(
  16. Home server: smp9, but this is on utopia.

    Ign: Eyeball_Of_Glory

    Residence: Eyeball_Of_Glory-2

    Material: stone, cobble, stone slabs, (I will provide some)

    Tip? Yes, 500r

    I will pay soon, and give perms.
  17. Oh, and are ya on?