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What should be added?

More promos even tho Im getting more :P 11 vote(s) 64.7%
More options for Bulk ( Please don't chose on day one to ten ) 5 vote(s) 29.4%
More Options through the business ( redstone, mob drops ) 1 vote(s) 5.9%
  1. Empire Stock™: At Empire Stock™ we sell promos and bulk items to players and will have it ready in one to two weeks time. To fill out your order, leave a comment stating what you want and the total and you will pay before order's sent :).

    Promos: Promos in stock

    • Marlix Helmet ( 3x ) - 65k each
    • Marlix Leggings ( 1x ) - 75k
    • Marlix Boots ( 2x ) - 67k
    • Pi Pie ( 1x )- 25k
    • I-Day FireWork [2015] ( 1x ) - 15k
    • Freedom blade ( used ) ( 1x )- 23k
    • Ham Hacker ( used ) ( 1x )- 21k
    • LuckyGreenBird's Head ( 1x )- 5k
    DC of Glass ( 3x )- 10k
    DC of Sandstone ( 1x )- 7.5k
    DC of Heads ( 1x ) - Negotiating
  2. I'll take a seffy head :p
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  3. Same and a Dram head plz.

    EDIT: And before it's taken... Chin heads are up around 250k
  4. Suffer heads ready... and damn it x'D I already sold it, lol its good. Sent
  5. If you want I'll refund you, I didn't realize they were worth that much.
  6. You sent Dram head too? I only paid for Seffy

    It might be the PVP version so might need to double check.
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  7. Mman, you can just pay an extra 50k if you want.

  8. The PVP Heads might be nearer that, but aren't the regular ones a lot cheaper? I remember he used to give them out to random people at spawn for free... :rolleyes:
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  9. ill take
    • KnightNight's Head ( 1x )- 7.5k
    please :) ill pay now
  10. That's what I thought too. You mentioned 50k in another thread or something like that.
  11. Paid you for a vault voucher. :)
  12. Also what are the bulk items? I need lots of cobble and stone. What are your prices?
  13. Probably under that - not sure if he still gives them out or not really. I guess not, but there are still a lot floating around from before (standard ones) :p
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  14. I know! I'm trying to buy 2 of the normal ones. All I got was 'it'll cost you a lot' lol
  15. You did? Oh fair enough, I thought they wouldn't cost as much - hmm :p
  16. I want the pot of gold, I pay you when Im on!
  17. Paid for the pot of gold!
    • Seffychan He'd ( 1x )- 8k
    please :)

  18. As far as I can tell from the original post, the promos are already here to buy... :rolleyes:
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