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another compamy?

yes 5 vote(s) 62.5%
no your ideas are poop 3 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. HEY YOU! Are you tired of digging out your res?
    WEll you have come to the right place!
    for a cheap price BlinkyBinky and I, AWW1010 Will EXCAVATE layers of your res!

    Here are the prices:
    2 layers - 400r
    4 layers - 799r save 1 r! :p
    8 layers - 1595r
    16 layers - 3194r
    32 layers - 6392
    1 res (60x60) - 14000r
    If the amount you want to remove is more or less please just say an we will work out a price for you!
    HOW TO: please specify things like this:
    how many layers
    res number
    Thanks for using our business/service!
    (we will aim to clear your res within 2 weeks)
    BUSINESS COLSED FOR THE TIME BEING! Those who have placed orders will be completed within 2 weeks but please NO MORE requests thanks Prices will go up when I'm better, AWW1010
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  2. how many layers-64
    res number-8991
    when? When you can?
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  3. I can get on that right now, if you'd like.
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  4. thanks for choosing our business once we both have perms and your permission we will start excavating your 64 layers :)
  5. You have perms. And could you leave the top layer, so 63 layers in total. Thanks
  6. Right on it! BLINKS and I have left the top layer but are working through the others :)
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  7. I am so sorry to say this but I may not be able to get on emc for a few days as I have become ill. I will do what I can but the doctors say to rest and stuff
    -so sorry AWW1010
  8. hi i am acroemma and i have a house on smp8. ineed help digging to bedrock at my res, but it is half way done prticaly and i am tired on digging plz pm me to talk about price and when u can start! ty!:p:D:);)
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  9. Great idea but you should get higher prices, but remain a suitable price below 60k. I will be using this eventually. :D
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  10. Yes we started out cheap but the prices will change
  11. Could I get one res done please, it is at 6406 on smp3 perms are set, would prefer as soon as possible don't have to have to soon :) also leave the top layer(its brick so ya)
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  12. We're still working on BFInc's request, so I'll let you guys know when we can get to yours.
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