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  1. Chew's Custom Skins

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    What is Chew's Custom Skins?
    Chew's Custom Skins is a Skin creating Service. For paying a specific amount of rupees I'll make you a personal skin.

    What Type of skins do you make?
    I'm best at Girl skins, boy skin's I've made before, and other skins that are not human, I can try (Refunds on non-human skins if they're not as good as you wanted them)

    How long does it take you to make a skin?
    It takes me 10-40 minutes to make a skin, depending on how focused I am.

    Any more questions you need answered? tell me and I'll add it to the FAQ


    Here are some examples of past skins I've made for myself.

    Note - PM Chewsy4 for a Skin, don't post on the thread about it please.

    Steve - 450r
    Alex - 500r
    Rainbow accessory - +80
    Camouflage accessory - +50r
    (Note, camouflage has not been tested, be the first to try, i'll remove if it's not liked)


    No reviews, If you got a skin please leave a review ^w^
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  2. Seems cool ;)
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