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  1. I will be acting as a bodyguard for SMP1.
    All I ask in return is half the mobdrops.
  2. I must be a n00b here, but I've really never seen anyone advertise a bodyguard service :D

    May I suggest 3 things? Throw up a couple of signs near the main spawns in the wild(s) for advertising - a lot of new players don't check the forums!

    Also, offer a rupee amount as payment "per x," where x is a legitimate time period. I'd say per 15 minutes.

    And, to protect yourself (and save us from having to settle a dispute :p), take 1/2 of the payment up front and half of the payment after your services are rendered!
  3. Definitely interesting... definitely the first i've seen... DO IT BRO
  4. No rupee charge?
  5. Actually when I first joined the server way back when, about a month after I had joined I started offering this service. I was one of the first to do so. :p I even had the sign up on my new shop for a while. Unfortunately most players were incredibly... um novice. So they read it assuming I would pay them to be my body guard. :S Also I only took on offers when I had time and/or ones that interested me. I charged as amount of time on the clock though.

    I did do it a few times for a few players who were interested and wanted to see what it was like. I offered more services though then what I listed, a player had to purchase my services to get the added bonus.
  6. Rupee amount: 30/min
    Maximum of 1 hour/trip
    I will take 1/2 of payment up front.
  7. i was thinking of doings this as a backup service if u want to help me?
  8. Actually, I would love to, but business on smp9 is keeping me away from smp1 for a while
  9. okay let me know in PM