[Business] Banner & Dye Shop at 2113 on SMP1

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  1. Banners, Shields, Dyes, and Sheep Shearing All in One Place!

    It is located at /v 2113 on SMP1
    /v kytula 3
    Shields are right there where you spawn in.

    To get to the sheep shearing area use this Teleport

    As of this moment I sell over 270 unique banners. Including the English alphabet A-Z, and 0-9 also. There are also blank banners of each color too.

    All banners are 100 rupees per.
    no matter what.

    Need a Flag banner? 2113 doesn't have them but 16059 (/v iulti) on smp8 does!

    So if you wanted to try your hand at banner making too, you will have every thing you need readily available to you. I have the directions for patterns hanging on the walls.

    I even have auto flower farms on the lot you can get dye from and sell back to me ;)

    At /v 2113 +flower

    If you have any comments or suggestions about the shops, I'm eager to hear them! Let me know below, or in a pm.
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  2. Shop looks great! I'll have to check it out.:D
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  3. sounds awesome! I love this! what smp?
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  4. Smp1 ^_^ also if you tried /v 2113 it will tell you also
  5. I'm also willing to try making some banners by request. If it's possible to do so in survival. Meaning only 6 dyes can be used on the banner.
  6. I must ask, what is that texture pack? :p
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  7. Equanimity
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  8. This is a great Banner Shop I love it! :D
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  9. So instead of a boring bump, here's some banner info ^_^

    When the banner pattern is applied to the shield, the banner is consumed.
    The shield must have no preexisting patterns.
    Also repairs the shield to full durability.
  10. How about this for a bump.. I love your shops and your wonderful generous heart. Kytula also has tp platforms to other shops and public services at her place and I believe it's 2112. <3

    *Please correct me if I'm wrong and I'll edit it to correct.
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  11. Thank you crystal <3 I appreciate the kind words and the bump ~.^

    I updated the opening image due to the fact that the original location of my shop was to small and causing lag. But everything you and I have mentioned now is correct ^_^ thanks for the reminder crystal :p
  12. I've included a sheep shearing section at the back of the shop ^_^
  13. I was wondering how much would it cost if I wanted was me of each?
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  14. If you are wanting one of each banner? I need to go and re-count how many I have, last count was over 260 which if you just went a bought them yourself would come to over 26k. But I think I could make a discounted bundle ~_^
  15. That includes letters number symbols and cool looking one right?
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  16. Added a guide book about Banners and shields for sale today ^_^ located near the sheep shearing section of the shop.
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  17. A farm counted 196 cows in a field. But when he rounded them up, he had 200 XD
  18. thakns! look forward!
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  19. Come buy your shields starting tomorrow! You can customize them too ~_^

    Be sure to get yourself a "shields for dummies" book while your there. Discounted for tomorrow only ^_^v
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