[BUSINESS] 360 Minecraft Renders

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  1. Check this out: quartzic.co/townspawn

    Using a Quartzic-created process, I can render a 360-degree animated Minecraft-styled picture with players in poses, particles, and more!
    I can render all images in Cubemap (up to 4k/side) and Equirectangular (up to 12k) resolution with no watermarks.

    And now, I'm selling them! PM me or post here with details about your project and I'll give you a quote for the work.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Do you have to have access to the area?
  3. Which area? I can use World Downloader to access residences, even if move flag is off.
    I can also use Singleplayer world files, or if it's a private area (like a wild base), you can use World Downloader and send me the files.
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  4. I'm not sure if world downloader is allowed.
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  6. How much does this cost?
  7. Depends on the project. I can give you a quote if you give me more details.
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  8. Oh hell! I want one. Let me think... reserved
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  9. Okay. I want to have the area at /park at the playground. I want me on the high end of the see-saw and soundlessvoice on the low end of the see-saw. I also want Aikar and Krysyy on the swings and jackbiggin in the sandbox. Then I want FlareonInAction, AverageWalrus, and Jadziaa on the playhouse balcony waving. And then I want LuckyGreenBird and BurgerKnight on the cobwebs.
  10. Neat - May keep this in mind if I decide to come back to EMC :)
  11. And what exactly is a Quartzic-created process? Have you self-created the project from scratch and made the 360° element or is it not your process?
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  12. Awesome! I might have to get one of these in the future!
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  13. I make all of my projects from scratch (aside from elements like residences & skins). Then, I run them through a private software I've created to automate the task of making 360 images via third-party libraries.

    I also have made a prototype way to create 360 videos, but I'm not yet confident in its speed to render that I can sell them on the EMC market.
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  14. How did you create the interaction with the image on the website and its tags when you hover over things? Is that included in the render file?
  15. I only provide the source images (usually equirectangular, optionally cubemap). To host them on your website or add additional information and such, you must use a panorama viewer.

    I hosted the example image with Pano2VR, although there are many more open-source and free panorama viewers available on this list.
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  16. Wow! amazing i might want one when i finish my res.
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  17. Wow, that's very cool!
    It gets a bit warped, though, which looks a bit weird. But it still has a very nice effect!
  18. Not sure what warping you're referring to. The player I'm using allows you to change FOV by pressing Shift and Control, so it's possible you accidentally hit one of those keys.
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  19. I'll try it on pc sometime, I used it on iPad now.