Busiest smp server

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  1. Hey,

    I was wondering, what would be the most busiest smp server of EMC on an average scale?
  2. Either 1 or 9, if I had to guess, perhaps 9
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  3. What do you mean in terms of "busy" like, most people, most economical, most whatever? :p Just a bit confused.
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  4. Most people
  5. Smp9 tends to have the most people as I see it, but smp1 seems to be the server besides smp5 that holds the most events...
  6. The chin full of rainbows was right. 1 or 9 have the most people, on at all times ;) Well.. usually. :p
  7. that's not possible at the moment, as other people have said in your other thread... Sorry, only way is manual labor
    You lose everything, and there is no way to move builds cross server, but you can move items with vault.
  8. Allright,to bad thanks for your help anyway!
  9. Smp2 barely has anyone connected, it is a "home" server, and also smp3 is the server of the economy. Smp7 and 9 are flooded with outposts and new players, and smp1 is always busy, as it is the "main" EMC server.
    The rest are normal.
  10. I would say that smp1 generally has the most players at most times, but at peak times smp9 does sometimes take over :p
  11. Mostly because of new members population (maybe they are more casual than older members) and outposts, and drop parties
  12. Some of us freaks on smp6 are anything but "normal" :)
  13. Yeah that's why I said "normal" :D