Bullying is wrong

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  1. To all of the people out there who is or ever was a bully, Shame On You. People like you are the reason that we lose around 4,400 innocent people every year. If you have ever been bullied, shamed, called names, made fun of, or anything else that makes you feel bad for the entertainment of others, I truly feel for you. I myself have been bullied for the last eight years of my life, I have been made fun of, called disrespectful names, and many other things. Earlier today, I got on Mumble just to be joked around by others just for a laugh, not for me but for them. I just cannot stand seeing people being miserable, because others are bullying innocent kids just for their own enjoyment. I do not encourage bullying nor do I support it. I am one of the good guys. I am out there to try to put a stop to bullying, once and for all.
  2. Agreed. Bullying is wrong no matter what.

    However, you should never give in... when people slice their wrists, starve themselves or even kill themselves, well, lets not go there.
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  3. If you feel the need, PM the Community Managers Here. This could violate some of EMC's rules.
  4. Hi gearmaster09.

    Bullying. It is a terrible thing, but I believe it is more online "cyber-bullying" than real-life, physical bullying. I believe that both parties in cyber bullying can prevent it, if you are being cyber bullied, you can simply 'log off' or turn off your device, block their phone number, or whatever they are doing it through. I don't think a lot of kids do that, they just bear with it. Not saying it's their fault, because it's obviously not, but there is some small amount that they can do to help combat cyber-bullying.


  5. *agreed*
    However, I was known for bullying the bullies. Does this make me wrong? I cannot say that I feel bad at all for my behavior doing this.
    Don't let it get you down. Most of this crap happens in school settings, however similar also happens much in real life even when school is done. Think of it as training for life.

    Within the past couple weeks (and for years now), I myself have been bullied, shamed, called names, made fun of, lied to, and have had many horrific things happen which would make anybody feel worse than bad, which I shall not go any further into.
    There are truly horrible people in this world, and unfortunately this behavior can come not only from 'strangers', but even from your own so-called "family".

    Become stronger, faster, more powerful than those around you.
    Live with no ego, no pride, no shame, pity those who do not know what they do.

    Also, never be content. Think of what you want to be, and take steps to become what it is you dream of. If you do not work on yourself, nobody will be there to do it for you. So take time out for yourself and think what it is you want to accomplish, and then the steps to accomplish it, and a timeframe for each step.

    I am sorry you have to put up with another's 'crap'. Don't let it get you down. Most of us feel we do not 'belong' in society, however when you really look around, society as it is projected onto us is completely fake. Most unhappy people try to 'fit in' and do whatever is popular so they feel they can 'fit in' more, however this is the reason they become more miserable as they are losing themselves in the whole 'rat race'.

    I am myself regardless of where I am at. I don't act fake, don't like fake friends, don't like liars, cheaters, users, bullies, or anything of that sort.

    Never...stop keep...moving
    Good luck, don't let dumb people get you down.
  6. this is still consider bullying but in my opinion it is ok to an extent to bully the bullies.
  7. I like my school. I can wear Star Trek, Minecraft, Legend of Zelda, and Star Wars shirts, and I never get laughed at/mocked/pushed around.
  8. If you are having problems with anyone on mumble please let a member of staff know, as our policy reaches to mumble.
  9. There are different views and perspectives from the eye of what we call a 'bully' ...
    In the smallest aspect - everyone contributes to bullying to some degree...


    May it be a small form of verbal joking - to harassing or stalking them.
    To playfully wrestling - to someone getting physically beat.
    To someone pretending to hit on someone - to them being fully sexually abused.


    If someone is not around, I 'always' hear people talking about someone that is not in the mumble channel, or server, or irc channel, or in person - wherever it may be... however, when that person that others were talking about is around, they talk about others who aren't around as well...

    This is called 'gossiping' ... and may seem harmless; it might even be saying nice things about him/her ... but playful teasing may end up in the sentences ... and that is a contribution to bullying.


    What is bullying?

    Well bullying in itself is when an individual or group of people intentionally or even unintentionally try to make fun of, harm, harass, abuse, etc ... causing a person to perceive these actions as he/she not being 'normal' and is not accepted within the groups or within society.


    Direct Verbal - eklektoi, you are real jerk, do you know that?
    This is when someone doesn't care - and will actually put you down, no matter the consequences.

    Indirect Verbal - That is so dumb | I love you man, no homo.
    This is when things are said - you might think of these as part of normal conversation, but what you don't know is it's putting down groups of people and may be worse than direct insults, themselves.

    Sexually Verbal - hey eklektoi, you're looking good today ;)
    This is when someone is pretending to hit on you; or is hitting on you ... or is saying sexual things to you... etcetera ... may it be just the way he/she is and is flirtatious .... or may it be on purpose to just try to tease you ... this can mislead someone into thinking someone actually likes him/her but doesn't.

    Direct Physical - Someone is beating me with a stick ...
    Intentional harming of someone without care of consequences.

    Indirect Physical - Playing football, and people purposefully tackling you repeatedly
    There are other indirect physicals (but it's when people are intentionally doing something for the reason of harm and not the reason of play, etc)

    Harassment - People mainly see this as verbal, or sexual ... but it's a wide spectrum ... take facebook for example ... If I was to keep going to someone's profile and posting or messaging them over and over and over... i'd be what you'd call 'harassing' them ...

    Abuse - This is when verbal, physical, sexual, mental, or any other type of way to harm you (may it seem innocent or violent) is done to an extreme to inflict pain on you....


    If it's online it's called 'cyber - bullying' ...

    If someone isn't stalking you to different sites, the best thing to do would be to block him/her

    If it's in a game and someone is harassing you - the best thing to do would be to report him/her ... and have a staff member deal with the person

    If it's on a social media site (and the person doesn't know you in real life) ... i'd report him/her ... and have all social interaction between you two removed

    If rumors spread from the social media - report it to your parents and the police


    If it's not online ... and is someone in person, report it to your principal or a parent or the police



    - The only thing (since this is online) that I can say is... watch what you type or say... 'everything' literally has consequences, may it be good or bad.
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  10. I have bullied before, didn't care the bullies stop somehow befriended them...(Elementary - Middle School...)
  11. i was never bullied i did get in alot of fights tho :/
  12. I've never been bullied, really, just random people calling me things.. Not really that bad, just calling me short and stuff. Well.. Now that I say that some kids in middle school would punch me and break my things.. I forgot about that until now I suppose. I tried to tell the principal but somehow I got in trouble.. Not sure how that happened.
  13. Cyber bullying is rare in the minecraft community, but in my case, I get cyber bullied by people with something to pride over something I have.
    For example, on a certain server, you can get gems for winning skywars games or voting. You can use these gems to buy ranks, and they are like for telling people "get outta this game im bettur then you :p" but, sometimes people over pride these ranks and I was bullied by somebody a rank higher than I was. I couldn't stop it, and I got severely annoyed. I am trying to express cybernullying and how it's wrong on that server
  14. Haha, that used to be me within 5 to 7th grade, I only ever got one detention tho lol
  15. I feel for you. I've been bullied in the past, and It's the absolute worst feeling. To be honest, I've actually had problems on mumble as well. I've also seen others be treated this way on mumble too. Mumble, in my opinions, gives you more freedom than in the Emc chat. People act differently in order not to get banned. But some folks on Mumble feel it's necessary to 'bully' or 'joke around'. I'm sorry people bully you and if you want to talk you can always throw me a PM.
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  16. Now you have us in high school that always got your back. :)
  17. oh bite, you little scamp, tussling with the other kids in the schoolyard
  18. that is true, but there should be a world, where we shouldn't have to stop doing what we want, just because someone else decided to be rude to us.
  19. Did some posts just delete?