Bulk EXP Bottles Orders

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  1. Hello!

    Prices per amount of double chest

    1DC = 28k per = 28k total
    2DC = 28k per = 56k total
    3DC = 26k per = 78k total
    4DC = 24k per = 96k total

    5DC+ 22k per = 22k * amount

    10DC+ 19k per = 19k * amount

    Max DC’s per order= 15

    Working on (max 3 orders):


    Youll be expected to pickup at +kz on smp7. Ill have orders within 48hours (and if irl is going fine)... if your order is >4 DC’s expect additional days for every 2 chest of bottles

    You can PM or post here to order your bottles!
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  2. How much would it be if I ordered 15dcs? Please break it down in price per dc
  3. It would be 19k*15= 285k
    All orders above 10DC are 19k per DC

    Ill edit the thread so it looks better and it is easier to understand later today :)
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  4. Thank you, I figured it kept going down. Sorry