[Bulk] Casualist's Supply Service

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  1. Hey! Welcome to Casualist's Supply Service.

    This was something that I was building back in the days before I had to take some time off from minecraft, but now I'm back and I can finally start building the idea that I had.

    Order form: Casualist's Supply Service
    Status (Very Low/Low/Med/High/Very High/Busy/Hold) : Very Low
    Traffic (Orders that I'm working on/Orders that are ready): 0/2

    Current special deal: Efficiency V / Unbreaking III / Silktouch books
    (Enchanting to tools can be discussed too.)

    Currently supplying bulk (DC):

    • Oak Logs - Fast (10k)
    • Dark Oak Logs - Fast (10k)
    • Jungle Logs - Fast (10k)
    • Birch Logs - Medium (10k)
    • Spruce Logs - Very Fast (10k)
    • Acacia Logs - Depending from order to order. (10k)
    • Leather - Medium (31k)
    • Wheat - Instant (3456r)
    • Hay Bale - Instant (31k)
    ( All logs are currently at 10k/DC)

    What's coming?:
    • Leaves
    • Saplings
    • And much more!
    Special orders:
    -I got a pretty good collection of villagers, so you can request ench. books with a PM!
  2. * Added "Traffic" tracker for customers to see how busy the queue is.
    * You can now select multiple log types in the form, but you have to explain amounts under "Special Information"
  3. * Added Leather, Wheat and Hay Bales (Wheat and Hay Bale instant stock) - Overstocking wheat at the moment.
    - There is no customer queue now so feel free to do orders! :)
  4. On vacation, will be back 25.7.2016