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    Welcome To Specialty Inc.

    We Supply u with loads of goodies
    Such As:

    To order simply use this forum

    Remember Please Pay Realtomsmasher2
    Soon to come
    Enchanted Books

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    Best Minecraft Servers
  2. Attention
    To Order please Use forums
    And remember your Order May take up to 5 Day To complete
  3. Neat. When will all the books and tools come out? That is if you have an idea.
  4. Thanks that is the idea
    This will happen soon I will let this run about a week or two before adding more stuff
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  5. Bump
    Less then 12 hours open and five successful orders already
  6. Bump
  7. Bump add bones now
  8. Bump more stuff coming soon get the bones now
  9. Bump
  10. Bump over 20 DC of Bones sold lol
    But am still overstocked
  11. Bump
    New Item: Bread
  12. Bump had to restock again lol
    Now everything is fully stocked again
  13. Bump all current orders have been completed
  14. Why try to win auction for emeralds that are over a 100k when I can sell u them for cheaper and without the hassle of waiting and outbidding
  15. Bump
  16. Bump caught up on all orders
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  17. For all you villager breeders out there
    A FYI
    According to the wiki bread makes the villagers more Likely to breed
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  18. Order order everywhere I will get then in before I disappear
    As in I'm filling out and Delevering 5 right now so if u ordered in the last 24 hours there about to be Delivered
    Thank you all