[Bulk Business] Specialty Inc

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  1. Welcome To Specialty Inc.

    We Supply u with loads of goodies
    Such As:
    Enchanted Books <--New

    To order simply use this forum
    Job Aplication

    to come

    Remember Please Pay Specialtyinc Once Order Has Been Picked Up

    Or delivered

    Now Officially Supporting ZestyYT' Casino emc.gs/t/69964/
    [Bussiness]Get your Custom Armor/tools, potions,foods,drops + more with new form here emc.gs/t/64213/
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  2. Attention
    To Order please Use forums
    And remember your Order May take up to 5 Day To complete
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  3. Neat. When will all the books and tools come out? That is if you have an idea.
  4. Thanks that is the idea
    This will happen soon I will let this run about a week or two before adding more stuff
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  5. Bump add bones now
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  6. Bump more stuff coming soon get the bones now
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  7. Bump
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  8. Bump over 20 DC of Bones sold lol
    But am still overstocked
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  9. Bump
    New Item: Bread
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  10. Why try to win auction for emeralds that are over a 100k when I can sell u them for cheaper and without the hassle of waiting and outbidding
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  11. Bump
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  12. For all you villager breeders out there
    A FYI
    According to the wiki bread makes the villagers more Likely to breed
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  13. Just ordered Sea Lanterns :)
  14. i went to your place to deliver but didn't find a chest
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  15. Four of five delivered
    Remember always set up chest in advance
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  16. Bump only one DC of sea lanterns left
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  17. Bump
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  18. Auction on theses items is overrated
    Get them for a great set price with no fear of getting out bid
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  19. Bump
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  20. Bump
    This so many orders
    But no problem
    All delivered now
    Bring it on guys we are ready
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