"Bulk" access signs

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  1. Right now an [ACCESS] sign can be used to provide access to one container or use item below it. But if you try to set up more of them then this can gobble up quite a bit of space:

    A vault environment which I've build to keep a friends items safe & secured.

    So with bulk signs I'd be able to add a number to the ACCESS part which would indicate how many levels down the sign should be active. In the example above I'd remove all signs apart from the top two, and fill up the area with chests. The top two signs would then read:

    [ACCESS 5]
    <name of player>

    So they'd be active for 5 blocks downwards from their current position. Obviously: if you don't specify a number you'd go back to the default of 1 block down.

    I think this may also help out malls quite a bit; especially if members need to be able and store more items in more chests. Instead of adding 3 chests with 3 signs you'd simply add one sign which gives access to 3 chests.
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  2. So from a code perspective, this could not work well (without effecting performance). Access signs are currently searched for starting with the chest, not the sign.

    Then also:
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  3. Thanks chickeneer for the fast response and the explanation. I can really see how this would cause more problems than 'fixes' (to be honest I also think only a small amount of players would use this).

    I did come across the group feature (I think) but that's focused at providing access for multiple players to one chest. This would basically be the reverse: providing access to a group of chests for a single player.

    The main concern was space, but I can totally understand that performance is really much more important here.

    Thanks again!