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  1. Thread is kinda broken but I still got it working for now >.>
  2. Nice work man. I might need you for my project I will let you know. (Probably not :/)
  3. I have a museum that is very dark at night, with no kind of interior lighting at all, except for the beacons inside it. Could you primarily do interior lighting and a few decorations (looks a bit bland) to spruce up the museum? The floors are not done yet, but eventually I will need your service.
  4. For sure, contact me ASAP we'll work it out. I can do this definitely :)
  5. Wilderness work?
  6. Slight chance, depends on a lot of things. Contact me anyway and we'll see.
  7. you may need to help me with the rebuilding of my res (since i reset it a minute ago :p)
  8. Sure, contact me if you'd like.
  9. does digging count with dis?
  10. no..
  11. i need the walls of a hole dug and then it made up nice
  12. You can get it dug out some other way and then contact me if you need the wall designed.