Building Question: Spheres.

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  1. Okay, so my question is basically, how do you make spheres? I have a circle lay out already, but i have no idea what to do about making it a sphere, any videos someone could direct me to? or tutorials or something?
  2. thanks guys! :)
  3. Hmm its a bit difficult. Hint: You can use mspaint to draw pixel-circles in any size, and a cut through a sphere in any direction is a circle, sometimes a smaller circle... Well this kind of thinking will not give you a perfect sphere. If you really want a perfect sphere you might need a model of 3D pixeled sphere
  4. I reference these two graphics for spheres, domes, and circles:

    I like to think of each layer as a progressively smaller circle perpendicular to the main circle. As you work away from the center, use the distance from edge to edge as the new circle diameter for each new perpendicular circle.

    For example, if you look at the diagram for a circle of diameter 14, you'd have four circles of 14, then two of 12, then one of 10. Then repeat the pattern at a right angle.

    It's hard to see the patterns because they are glass, but I did the domes for the shop at 14869 on smp7 using these charts. I did the first one in dirt as practice before I filled it in and went on to do the rest once I felt comfortable with it.
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