Building Project/Contest (First Prize 400,000 r)

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  1. Hey y'all,

    My original thread had too much text and not enough views, so I'm making a new one and cutting to the chase. We, from smp5, want custom maps with numbers, letters and symbols on them, such as this one (from smp1).

    *For those who don't know, they are made by creating a map (smallest possible) in the frontier and filling the land with wool so as to make the symbols. This should be done far away from any spawns (at least 20,000 in each direction) to help prevent griefing. THEY HAVE TO BE MADE IN SMP5 FRONTIER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR PRIZES.

    We are looking for players/groups of players with the time to take on such a big project. We need sets of maps with at least the numbers from o-9, the letters from A-Z (English alphabet, upper case) and the symbols , . / ' # : ( ) + - $ _ and blank (space).

    The prizes are by finishing order. Whoever finishes the set of maps first and makes them public (create a forum thread selling them or an in-game store) gets the first prize, and so on.

    First prize: 400,000 rupees
    Second prize: 100,000 rupees
    Third prize: 100,000 rupees
    Fourth prize: 100,000 rupees

    Once you finish everything up, reply to this thread with all the information necessary for us to confirm your claim. You can also reply to the original thread at
    For more information refer to the original thread as well.
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  2. you don't actually need to put em 20k in each direction, maps don't update as long as they are not 400 blocks near the recorded area.

    And will you supply materials?
  3. That thread was very covered in text indeed. Maybe add the donors?
    And no. Materials wont be provided
  4. The part about donors is only important when someone finishes the work, and people can check on the original thread if they want. About gathering more money... I think 400k is more than enough already :D
  5. BUMP! We need those maps
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  6. Ill get right to work :)
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  7. So it's just whoever makes the alphabet/number/symbol sets first, not who makes a higher quality one?
  8. Well, yes, but that doesn't mean that we'll accept anything. It should be well made and the letters all have the same size, etc. But no need to make Bold letters or add shadow to them or this kind of thing.
  9. I honestly think that 400K is not enough for 47 maps, I once made one and the time it takes to just place those blocks (wich is, in my opinion, very boring) doesnt get me very exited for this :p
  10. I know this isn't what you're asking for, but I think hiring people/recruiting volunteers is a much better idea for a project along these lines. Overall each person who decides to try this will be spending probably all of their winnings on wool (around 235 doublechests full of it). If you ask for helpers, they'll be more willing, because it won't be just them versus a small chance of actually winning. It's economically suicidal to participate in this, pretty much, lol.
  11. As soon as you get all the wool (one layer of black and a DC of white) placing blocks down won't take that long.

    Actually all it takes is about 5 DCs of black and 1 DC of white. As soon as you map one letter you can just remove the white wool and start a new letter (as long as you don't open that map again). This makes everything easier, as letters like B and P are very similar and can be done in sequence to save time. All it takes is a little planning.
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  12. Ohhh, I forgot that maps were able to be cloned :)

    Overall, one would be doing very monotonous work. There's around 47 characters one would have to make. But being able to clone it all is a pretty awesome deal for someone who is interested.

    Good luck with the contest! I might make my own set some time on smp4.
  13. What neonkillah said :p