building mushroom house

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  1. sold by Nothing Inc.

    This "house" is an 8*8 mushroom building. the 8*8 includes the wall so the small building space inside is 6*6. it is 4 high then pyramids up to 6 high. I do not have pics but to see it go to 1230 in SMP1 and use the ground floor teleport.

    I will build this on your residence for 500r
  2. Interesting approach to branching out into tertiary ventures, hope this is successful ^_^
  3. This is a little of topic, but I once used silk touch on a few giant red mushrooms and tried to reassemble them into a house. I couldn't figure out afterwards which pieces were which because the way they stacked in my inventory didn't exactly match what I got when I placed them so I eventually decided I had better things to do and gave up.

    Have you figured out a way to do what I was trying to or are you growing then shaping them?

  4. every piece is programmed to always face the same way. so one will face east another west Etc. what I did when I destroyed the mushrooms was take each stack and place one. then put a chest next to it and put the remaining pieces from that stack in the chest. so when I wanted that specific piece I got it.
  5. Great. How do you keep them organized in your inventory then? Do they stack correctly now or do you only handle one piece at a time?
  6. they stack themselves correctly. once you figure it out you can then just organize them in your inventory so that you remember.
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