Building in the Wilderness(smp-5) and being griefed.

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  1. First i want to say on the whole i rly enjoy EMC and its community. And that i realize building in the wilderness is stated to be an at your own risk sort of thing. But being that mining materials is much more effectively done if you don't return to town every time your bags fill i prefer to build a watch tower where i'm about to start farming resource at.

    As well i'm very limited in my creative scope by just building in town. For example i like building bridges and things that enhance the world landscape. Unfortunately unless i ride a boat for a half hour or more i can't be sure one of these troll griefers(some one that griefs to piss you off, and not to collect your resourse) won't play havoc on my creation. Which, to me, defeats the point of being in multiplayer since i do like to share what i've made and makes collecting mats for your in town building project considerably more difficult.

    Currently i'm at the point where i'm strongly considering being a paying supporter but hold back since the wilderness' unruliness. There are to many mods that control both block history as well as building rights to just completely give up the wilderness to griefers.

    So i was wondering how the rest of the communtiy felt about this. Am i alone in wanting to add building rights to the wilderness?

    It could be very limited to just allow you to maintain a house and bed and restrict building with-in a certain distance.

    I'm just try'n to brain storm ways that we might all be able todo things like build train stations and bridges and stuff that helps the community with out it being destroyed by someone that focus' on upsetting people rather then showing there own creativity(I've only been griefed in ways that where obviously intended to make me mad and never in a way that looked like they needed the mats[ie: having a structure covered in lava]).

    Maybe just make all new members restricted for a week or two. Trolls tend to move to the eaziest targets and with open enrollment we have a constant wave of people only joining to negatively impact are community.

    Once agian i'm just brain storming since i'm now abandoning all my outposts that take me less then a half hour to get to since maintaining buildings is currently pointless.
  2. Some form of wilderness-protection is still high on our list of priorities for EMC's future.
    I can't offer any insight into how or when, but it is something that requires some time to develop and implement.
    It may likely be a supporter perk, but as with all great advances and updates in EMC, we take the time to do things right, not just install a plugin and hope for the best. :p
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  3. Word, very quick reply. This is why EMC is the best. The folks running it do truely care about making there product the best it can be.

    I understand fully that you guys can't just throw in mods and hope they sync's up. And i see how my statement about block history and building rights mods was a bit abrasive(my bad).

    I look forward to seeing these ideas.
  4. The wilderness can be a safe place, you can easily disguise where you build so it cant be griefed unless someone sees it. You can build a huge island shaped dirt roof over your building/town, plant flowers, grass and trees on the top with perhaps a few water pools, this works well and is very legit.
  5. Its funny you say that. i was actually griefed very badly once(on a different server) because i set up on an island and placed trees. The server was free for all pvp and the person seeing a cluster of trees on an island figured some one put them there(correctly) to camouflage an underground base. Not only did he kill me and take my xp he cleaned me out. Needless to say i don't pvp in minecraft anymore lol.

    I'll admit i haven't tried that in EMC yet.
  6. There is no pvp on EMC, although I'm in full support of making a completely controlled arena. And sadly many of us would want to have something like Big Brother or Hawkeye to check griefs, but because of the amount of memory it uses, we would have more server restarts and lag. But if your griefer left a sign, that is able to be block checked.
  7. If you want a nice place in the wild to build, go on smp7 and join the LLO. You will notice them from the amount of people and structures a little bit away from spawn on the live map. Click Here to introduce yourself a little before you join so people can expect you.
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    • Welcome.
    • EMC rocks; you will love it. Give it a little time to see how it works. It does work.
    • Don't build anything epic in wild. Make something comfy, but cheap. Next week, make another. <my advice; YMMV>
    • Mods do their best to stop grief; but griefers will grief. Don't let 'em spoil SMP; go for it.
    • Support if you think EMC rocks - it does. Don't support for the benefits alone; "supporting" is "thanks for being a great server".
    • Protected in wild - hell yeah; we're working on it ("we" being mods, devs, and community)
    • Wanna go mining with me one day, for lulz? PM me.
    • Again, welcome.
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  8. I don't agree with that. This way the griefers won. We try to keep the nice stuff open for others to use and look at instead at the LLO. Do we get griefed? Sure. Do we stick together to catch them and repair? Hell yeah :D
    Might be harder for smaller communities to protect themselves but we started with a few people, a hut and a mine too.

    TLDR: LLO proves you can do nice things in the wild, but it is not always easy.
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