Building Critique Needed!

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  1. I didn't know what section to put this in, so I put it in community discussion. Anyways, I am working on installing the floor to my soon to be megamall/house/base of operations. I have most of it done, I just cannot decide one thing.
    Do you see the red outlined grass spot? With the giant blue arrow pointed next to it? Well, I cannot decide what block to put there. I still need to add many glowstone lamps around the area, so it should look good with glowstone lamps. I was thinking maybe black wool? If you would like to see the actual res in person (Well, in game), its 3206, on SMP2. Thanks in advance guys!
  2. Bedrock.:p
    Jk, lapis blocks.
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  3. Green wool
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  4. Crafting tables, or furnaces:) honestly, check it out in creative, its not that bad!:)
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  5. Lime wool checkered with obsidian/glowstone
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  6. Lets start with, what base color or main color would you like here? for an area that small; like jk said "try it out in creative". It will save you time.
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  7. And if anyone thinks this is imposible, I made a giant dome of lapis blocks. So Ha!
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  8. Lol, I do have 2 stacks of Lapis Blocks...
    Could work.
    I did use furnaces checkered with Nether Brick in the floors of the towers you see in the corners.
    Sounds interesting, but I shall go look at it in creative!
    Am doing that now.

    Thanks everyone for the cool ideas!
  9. Gold ore, Furnace, and Glowstone checkered.
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