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Would you prefer staff or code-run?

Staff 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Code 2 vote(s) 100.0%
  1. How to enter:

    First off, this game might be another world/map/whatever like the wastelands and the frontier. Outside of each town hall (place with all the portals) on each smp, there would be a statue of an upside down hammer. The head of the hammer would be a small chamber with a doorway entrance anywhere on the chamber wall. The player would then walk into the room, there would be a pressure plate with a sign directly above saying "building competition spawn". The player would then walk onto the pressure plate and would be teleported to the hub along with all the other players. All the players in the hub would eventually be teleported to individual walled plots. All of the competitors would be put in creative mode just for the competition (how else would it be a fair building competition if the competitors didn't have a free choice of building materials and position), but wouldn't be able to leave the plot. There would then be a countdown from 10 to 15 seconds to allow builders to give them a head start to select building resources. After the count the competitors would be given 5 to 10 minutes to build a simple display/structure. After the timer is up, the competitors would no longer have the ability to build in the plot as they would be teleported to each other's plot to vote on each other's builds on a scale of, say, 1 to 10 [vote by typing /buildvote (vote no.)] The winner would be whoever gets the most best votes and the decision of the reward would be up to the developers who make these suggestions a reality.

    ⭐️A final note to the staff who are involved in suggestion duty:
    The development "rules" that listed are really just suggestions to how the minigame might be and look in my own imagination. The actual outcome is not required to meet all the statements in the above suggestion. All the suggestion is requesting is that there is some sort of code-run (a minigame that is always available and runs itself with 2 or more players in the hub and does not require staff to judge and run) contest. Or maybe it could be staff-run, yeah but, code run is preferable.
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  2. Sounds familiar... :rolleyes:

    Maybe on the Games server? But I don't know about this, because many other servers already have this exact thing.
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  3. I don't know what you mean...

    Anyways, I think this is a great idea, but it would have to be changed a bit to work on this server.
    If it does get added, I've stolen made an example of what each build plot could be like.
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