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  1. Hey Guys PinkCaker/TehrandomX Here And I Need A Little Help....

    You See, I'm Planning On Building A Disney Land-ish Castle On My Second Res. But... Theres A Problem...

    I Don't Know How To Build It!

    That's Where All You Lovely People Come In! So If You Want To Help Me Build Then In The Comments Fill In This Job Thingy Ma Bob!

    Building Skills (10 = Amazing 1 = Horrible):
    Why You Want To Help?:
    How Old Are You On Minecraft In General?:
    Are You Good At Working In A Team?:
    Sweeten Me Up!:

    Also Did I Mention That There Is A Big Reward For All You Workers That Are Chosen! Heres The List!:

    Promos : All Sorts
    Diamonds: LOTS
    Bottles O Enchanting: OOOOOO
    Ench Books: Shiny :O
    And Lots More!

    I Will PM You If You Get Chosen :3
  2. 8808
    I love building!
    5 years
    Yes, I work in a team a lot because I work in a social environment.
    Yes I am Sweetening you Up!
  3. Yep. Because Minecraft has existed for 5 years.
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  4. UserName: crazy_X_gamer
    Building Skills (10 = Amazing 1 = Horrible): about 7 proof at my res :) :) (unfinished project)
    Why You Want To Help?: it would be fun t build and i have a lot of supplies i need to use up:)
    How Old Are You On Minecraft In General?: about 1.5 years
    Are You Good At Working In A Team?: pretty good sometimes i can be a tad annoyed when i am excluded from the fun stuff
    Sweeten Me Up!: u have a awesome res it would be cool to get to help build a disney like castle :) i hope i can get the job i really want to make friends with people :) and help out
  5. I am EvKem.
    My skills could be fairly rated with a 7 or 8, trying not to brag here.
    I'd like to build because it's fun! And if I can help out somebody else, that's even better.
    I've been playing minecraft for a very long time, almost four years, close to its impetus.
    Sure. As long as everybody is cooperative.
    Sweetness: I'll make a doodle in your honor.

    Edie: here it is oh dat shuga
    Another Edie: I got bored and drew it again whoops
    Feel free to use these images but please credit me <3
  6. ChamelonNYC
    Building Skilzz- 6-7
    I see someone in need, I want to help. Also, who doesn't like Disney?
    3 years on MC, on and off
    Good at working on team [check]

    I learned some English Words to better communicate with those across the pond (boot- trunk, etc.)
    (I also consider myself to speak fluent "youth". Like those who speak in "rekt, not rekt, Indominous rekt [X] stuff like that
    Sweetening you up, I have cake. Like, lots of cake.
    With school everyday, I do not know how much time a week I will be able to dedicate to the project.
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  7. UserName: welshficwitch
    Building Skills (10 = Amazing 1 = Horrible): eh... six?
    Why You Want To Help?: because disney is amazing, and neuschwanstein, the disney world castle, is gorgeous! would love to help you with that!
    How Old Are You On Minecraft In General?: 3 or 4? 3?
    Are You Good At Working In A Team?: i try to be! i really liked the Friday Night Dig where i took a load of beds, food and golem kits for people to make the environment safe! i like building temporary residences and farms in waste so if people are wandering lost they find shelter! also, i did some building for littlegamer04 built her a stable and a garden!
    Sweeten Me Up!: love your avi! kinda like Psylocke if she was drawn for an internet animation show!