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  1. I want a super fine res. I have 2 million rupees sitting in my account and am willing to pay you all of my money for a perfect res. must have
    -a full storage (A DC for every item)
    -A mall area for selling stuff
    -A parkor area
    -Must be amazing
    -think alexchance and eclipses had a baby, Thats what I want this res to be.

    Give me examples and a semi blueprint of your idea and we can talk
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  3. I can make a pretty good parkour if you need me to.
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  4. I could make the storage area of you'd like. It wouldn't be amazingly decorative, just stone bricks, slabs, steps, and lama for lighting. (And trapped/normal chests)

    Lamps* not lama hehe didn't catch that one.
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