Builder/contractor for hire! (SMP6 only)

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  1. Hello there,
    I am just looking for some ways to earn a few extra rupees, and this is one of the better ideas I came up with (since I have done it before). I can build any building, any size, as long as you provide materials. If you have a specified design, I will charge less than if you just want me to "build a shop" or "build a hotel." However, I am an experienced building designer, so if you want me to come up with a design, I will think it up and ask you for the required materials. I am an expert in piston door mechanisms and anything redstone, so I will also wire things up for you (for a charge, of course). I am an expert in building odd shapes like domes, spheres, and even bullet shapes. Talk to twinchicken86 for custom buildings!
  2. can probably make a cobble machine but would like you to build some farms if that is ok
  3. yep, that's fine with me. I wont be on for another 3 hours or so, if you're on Ill meet you then.
  4. Do you want me to provide seeds, or will you? Also what kind of farms? I need to know what to bring, if I'm making a sugarcane farm vs. a wheat farm vs. a melon farm.
  5. probably sugarcane how much if you supply seeds
  6. well, I would give you a farm with four rows of five (you gain 40 sugarcanes per harvest) for 130, plus the cost of seed canes (20 canes * 1/2 rupee per cane = 10 rupees) would be 140 rupees, then the water cost would be 10, making it a total of 150. Now, if you want a farm that is like mine (twice the size I mentioned above), I would charge 200, plus 20 for water and 40 for seeds would be 260. But, since you're a friend, I would give you the former for 140 and the latter for 240.
  7. The bigger one sounds good thanks for the discount 240 is a bargain in my mind i will try to arrange building permission tomorrow thanks
  8. Thanks. Ill be on tomorrow after 5:00 PM Mountain Time.
  9. have set it up so you can do it when you feel like it look right when you warp to see where to build will pay when you contact me about it happy to pay upfront
  10. I would prefer if you would pay 120 upfront, then the other 120 when it is finished. Thanks.
  11. Forget to mention you don't have destroying permissions but I will take this away if I only have to pay half first so I can make sure nothing goes wrong as its quite expensive but if it goes well I might pay for another
  12. OK, unless you give me destroying permissions I will have to have you provide a bunch of dirt, because I would normally dig out water channels. However, it is fine if you want me to build it above ground, just put a chest next to the building site with a couple stacks of dirt in it with a sign above it labeled:
    [ ACCESS ]
  13. Ok I will give you destroying permissions as soon as I can I will also pay 120r upfront can't do it now but will whenever I get a chance thanks
  14. Permissions all set up also you should find 120 rupees in your rupee history please build whenevers good for you
  15. OK, I'll be on in a few hours. I also saw on your thread that you are wanting to build other farms? I could also do those for you if you want.
  16. The farm is done! Actually, it's 2/3 the size of mine, but you will still get over a stack per harvest.
  17. Thanks I have paid defiantly worth the money really happy sorry I didn't reply sooner the server was down
  18. It's alright. If you want any more farms, just post and I'll quote you a price.
  19. Can I please have a wheat farm quote thanks