Build. I would enjoy some feed back :3

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Do you like the style?

Yes 19 vote(s) 86.4%
No 1 vote(s) 4.5%
I have no opinion 1 vote(s) 4.5%
PUPPIES 5 vote(s) 22.7%
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  1. So I got a little bit of inspiration and built this box. Let me know what you think :)
  2. Also, ignore the tower in the background of the second picture. It's another style I was working on
  3. Very cool, just a little too small for me
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  4. it's beautiful in it's simplicity
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  5. Drop by at "/v Hasorko-4 village" smp1. You might find some inspiration. I like the shape and the details. The none centered cross is irritating XD. The wall/ roof material combo is a bit strange.

    Overall rating good though!
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  6. The cross is just for a bit of variation, I figured it would bother some people :p. The walls still need detail and the roofs are fairly simple but it isn't 100% finished. I will drop by sometime though.
  7. Where I send you is underground and you only see the village there (relevant to ur house). If you enjoy my stuff you can look at the rest of my work if you visit "/v Hasorko-3" also smp1.
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  8. Looks great! On a completely unrelated topic (not) are you for hire in building? I have 0 skill in building and you're builds are apparently epic!
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  9. I can help you out, just message me with details :)
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  10. I like the gandalf looking tower that is to the right, and the house/barn is also cool
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  11. Too many trap doors! ;)
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  12. awe, i think it is really cute! *packs bags* ... you don't mind if i move in right? i'm a good farmer! my produce can pay for rent. i don't need much room. plus i'm a dragon fighter! i'll keep those pesky mobs away! ;)
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  13. And a bump for more feedback :p
  14. I should bump this :p
  15. you didnt build a square hut which automatically makes you better then 2/3 of the server
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  16. I try to avoid square huts :p
  17. I'd say it's build team quality.
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  18. Although I feel like that is an overstatement, thank you :3
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  19. Did you try some of the suggestions?
    Any new screens? :p
  20. I haven't been on long enough to check. I will get on soon and check. Been a little under the weather recently so blame that :p