Build-A-House Inc.

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  1. Welcome!
    Welcome to Build-A-House Inc!
    We are THE building team for YOU! We build from Medieval to Modern to Futuristic,
    We build Houses, Gardens, Flats, Everything! The outside, The inside!!
    Anything to please our Kings n Queens!
    So if you are interested in a building please read the prices and information below:

    Price List
    A Small House ( 10x10 / 20x20 ) : 70K With Supplies, 90K Without Supplies
    A Medium House ( 40x30 / 50x60 ) : 90K With Supplies, 130K Without Supplies
    A Large House ( 60x70 / 90x100 ) : 130K With Supplies 175K Without Supplies
    ( Ofcourse it depends on what material and style you want but this is just to kind of let you see what the price range is, This is however not the final price )

    A Small Garden ( 10x10 / 15x15 ) : 25K With Supplies, 40K Without Supplies
    A Medium garden ( 25x25 / 40x40 ) : 35K With Supplies, 55K Without Supplies
    A Large Garden ( 50x50 / 70x70 ) : 50K With Supplies, 75K Without Supplies

    Just to clarify:
    - The Prices and Sizes ARE NOT final!
    - Every house can cost more or less depending on the materials because Quartz is obviouslsy more expensive than wood.
    - Without supplies means if i have to bring my own materials, With supplies means if you provide the materials for me.

    Sady pictures dont really work for me here on the fora so here are some pictures of my previous work:

    Modern Build

    Modern Medieval Build:

    I dont have too many work right so i'd get it if you dont really think its a good plan, So if you aren't pleased with the build you get a 50% refund of the total cash prize! ( Please be a decent human and dont abuse this =D )

    How to order a house or garden :
    - MC Name
    - Small / Medium / Large
    - With or Without supplies given
    - Style of the build
    - Choose some materials you'd like me to use
    - House / Flat / Mansion / Garden
    - Price you want to give me for it

    Please just answer on this post instead of mailing me!
    \/ Questions can also be put down here \/
    Thanks for reading and have a great day!

    Love Roarings

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  2. That looks really good... You might be a bit overpriced, but time will tell if I'm right :)
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  3. Oh haha, I dont really know the prices that well but do keep in mind that im the best of all heh! xD
    But the prices arent final so thats good :p
  4. Its a little overpriced now since quartz and expensive materials lifted the price, So domt think a wooden cabin will cost you 70k ;-)
  5. I read the title of the thread as "Build-A-Horse" and rushed here only to be disappointed that I infact cannot build a cute stuffed horse.
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  6. Lol omggg. XDDDDDD cries
  7. Didn't know you were back, haven't seen you in a while, I noticed you were derelict at one point so I voted for you just to make sure you didn't loose your res, btw it's looking so good! This looking like a pretty good idea, if I say so myself. I may be using it soon ;)