Bugs. Bugs everywhere.

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  1. I am here with two bugs about the new "quality of life" update. First, respawn closet DOESN'T WORK. I die near west outpost, going west, and respawn at center outpost. Then, the compass direction somehow 'resets' to the block at center spawn, not to where my loc was set, making me get confused before I realized what was happening. Why does this happen? Is this actually a bug or am I crazy? Please help!
  2. I also wasn't spawning at the near outpost.
  3. Hum, it's definitely something to do with the algorithm in the plugin code...
  4. Did you turn the setting off temporarily... ?

    I would need to know where you died and you didnt have a bed set right? Respawned in same world?
    As for compass, it seems thats a detail about how vanilla works that on death your compass resets to spawn (and not nearest OP)

    So since your compass has been wiped out anyways due to death, I guess instead of printing to the user to set death compass, just do it automatically.

    It appears you typed set x y z right before you died (whcih doesnt work, its x z), so thats why it reset.
  5. Respawn closet does nearest outpost w/o bed, or bed/center outpost, what is closer.
  6. Something I have also noticed: clicking the [Click here] button you get once you die sets it to the closest outpost.
  7. Which algorithm?
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  8. doh good catch, that was def wrong.

    Fixed for next update
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