Bug with horses/pigs

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  1. Ok the first thing is a bug with horses. Whenever you want to put a horse on someones res (i wanted to breed with another players horse) and it just tps away immidatly. Im ok with it tping after 5 mins, but immidiatly is a problem.

    Next little bug i found. (can i pls have my saddle back) I had a pig with a saddle on it (for some reason) and wanted the saddle back. So i eggified the pig (expecting to get the saddle as you would with a horse) but i only got the pig and no saddle. idk if youcan trust that i had the saddle on it, you can ask some of my friends who came to my res and i showed the the pig as a joke (its name was "horse") So yah just a little bug to fix up.
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  2. Sent saddle.
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  3. thanks dude thats really nice of u :D
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  4. i paid u for the mail cost :)
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  5. Lol it's fine, I got another few million where that came from. Payed back
  6. You never get a saddle back when you put it on a pig, that's vanilla behavior. At least that's what I was going to say before I tested it to make sure.

    You're right: in 1.9 the saddle also drops when a pig dies. So quite frankly I think it isn't a bug that you didn't get the saddle back, but merely something which got overlooked with the upgrade to 1.9.