[BUG] SMP4 preparing to shutdown

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by SkareCboi, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Ever since the last update smp4 has been preparing to shutdown. If you go into Community ---> Servers. We feel special.

  2. Goodbye carthaga :(
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  3. oh my, I would feel more cursed than special of I had that on my smp...
  4. Prepare for the worst. Not really
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  5. Get ready for SMP4 2.0... :eek:
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  6. I see that.. :p
  7. Smp4 is the best. (Preparing to shutdown)

    Welp never mind
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  8. Crud, they finally must've found my illegal soul-selling operation... good thing I've already transitioned most of it to Utop- Er, never mind. Bye, SMP4. >_>
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  9. I told you not to leave those bottled Koala souls behind..
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  10. They decided that smp4 was just a waste of money! Good thinking to shut it down :p
  11. Then smp5 en smp6 would stop as well (same server) :p #rip
  12. We just delete the smp4 part :)
  13. That wouldn't change anything in terms of costs. We'd still have 3 servers running, 1 of which isn't fully used to its capacity ;)
  14. We could use a cheaper storage :)
  15. The only thing you could do is sell some of the RAM and maybe 1 hard drive. You can't switch out the processor for a cheaper one, because smp5 and 6 will be much slower than the other ones. Selling these things would yield $350-400 at most. This may seem a decent amount of money, however the server would still have the same cost for maintenance, so I'd say that'd be pretty useless. In fact, closing the server would be a waste of money :D
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  17. I'm so confused, I'm seeing lots of different stories. Why is smp4 shutting down?
  18. It is not. Just a little bug that has plagued EMC since before I joined. (A really long time ago).
    Basically something just needs turned off and back on again.
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  19. Almost sounds like Windows :D
  20. should have moved it to 8