[BUG] Shop signs broken

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  1. All shop signs below chests seem to be broken. Attempting to use one returns error "Couldn't find a chest!". Attempting to create a shop sign below a chest fails as well. This isn't isolated to my shop on smp4, as I have tested other shops and had other players test it.

    It is such a massive bug that I assumed it had been found immediately and was being worked on. It has been quite a while though, and I can't find a reference to it on the forums anywhere. This affects hundreds (probably thousands) of shop signs across EMC. I guess its possible that many shop owners aren't aware that their signs aren't working.

    I'm not sure when it started happening, but it has been at least a week. Possibly longer, as I didn't buy anything for a while. Is this problem being looked at?
  2. Are shop signs supposed to be below chests ever? Didn't even think this was supposed to be a thing, but I don't use chest shops enough for that to matter.
  3. The only ways shop signs work is by either placing it on any side of the chest or directly above it. There's no other way.
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  4. Sorry, but that is incorrect. I have been using shop signs below chests since I rebuilt my shop last June. They were working until a few weeks ago, because I kept having to restock them.

    The 9000 mall on smp4 has been using them since before I joined 2 years ago, and they have functioned fine. I have seen them in many, many other shops as well.
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  5. With further thought, I decided to improve upon my statement. This purely wouldn't work would it? Wouldn't there be a chance to have conflicting shop signs?
    Suppose the setup is this:
    x= chest z=shop sign
    This would make it so the red x could have both signs(z's) apply, I don't see this being needed or really a bug, but could see bugs appearing if it was brought in.
    Or I am spouting gibberish, wouldn't know I only have one chest shop set up with my name, that's it, now back to afking....
  6. It isn't a conflict, and it has been part of the server plugin for a long time, as stated in my last post.

    But even for shop signs above and on the sides of chests, multiple shop signs are possible and widely used. Players use them to, for example, list two different prices on the same chest for different buy quantities of the same item. You can also place shop signs for two different items in the same chest.
  7. But my point was, which chest am I buying from when I click the sign... I see this leading to wacky stuff if it is using two chests with one sign..
  8. While that's true, signs next to chests are also weird. I think it prefers the right chest, so just like that, if needed, for this it should prefer the bottom chest (this probably made no sense lol)
  9. That was recently fixed which is potentially what is leading to the change the OP is experiencing.

    Shop signs favor chests in this order:
    Directly Below
    The Attached (behind the sign)
    Then attempt every side direction

    I guess we can add "Above Sign" after the attached.
  10. I would appreciate that, thank you.

    The changes broke around 100 shop signs just between my res and 9000. Considering the size of EMC, I would guess that there are probably a lot of other people who would also appreciate it.